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28 Oct 2017

**Just Another Pretty Coin**...

Coins-World | Kepi

I saw this the other day at my coin dealer's store and knowing that I enjoy toned coins, he put this one aside for me.  This piece really caught my eye.  I think it's the beautiful bright silver with such a light mauve toning around the edge and on the rim that did it.   It was just so pretty and understated.  So after almost no thought at all...it now has a place with me in my collection.   This is a 1999  $5 dollar Canadian Maple Leaf.   1 oz. pure silver. It features Queen Elizabeth ll on the obverse.   Hope you enjoy it!


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that is some great toning especially the blue on silver


Level 5

Do you know why a lot of the Canadian coins especially the early dates have what appear to be a hairline affect?

coin collector

Level 4

looks great, enjoy


Level 4

Nice toning! Great buy.


Level 6

Beautiful Maple Leaf. What a great dealer. You have tremendous taste. Thanks for sharing!!! What is your dealers name again??/hehe!!


Level 6

My opinion is that most bullion coins are beautiful coins, more so than business strikes.


Level 5

I wonder what happened to make it tone. Isn't that kind of out of the ordinary for a coin that recent? Just wondering, it's beautifully toned. Enjoy.


Level 7

You have a great dealer. Very nice. Some coins don't tone well this one did. Very smart and good pick up. Enjoy it I know you will. Thanks for the pictures there great to. Mike.

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