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28 Apr 2019

**Lucky Lotto Ticket?**

National Coin Week | Kepi

National Coin Week is a wonderful event for the Numismatic Community as well as all those potential folks that might find the goodies we have all "thrown" out there in circulation. One of the things I contributed is this Series 1935 E Silver Certificate One Dollar Bill. This was really exciting to me as I live in a smaller town and wondered where should I "spend" this little beauty? I decided on an old local mini-mart near my home. Now what to buy??? What could I purchase for a buck... perhaps a lucky lotto ticket!!! So I did. I passed my silver certificate right across the counter to the cashier who to my surprise finished the transaction without so much as a second look to my dollar! I'm thinking "Dude! What's the matter with you!" It's really wild how alot of people don't really look at our money. Now back to that lotto ticket... Lucky? We have yet to see! Hope you enjoyed my blog! Comments are always welcomed.


I wonder how long it will take for someone to actually find your silver certificate and realize that it's valuable!


Level 4

That is funny that they didn't even look at it. You are right, people just barely glance at the money. Good luck on your lottery!


Level 4

Wow! Well, you certainly deserve to win for that act of total generosity!!!! Good luck to you!

That would be a story, Buys a lotto ticket for NCW to put a bill into circulation, ends up winning millions. You can buy a lot of silver certificates with that.


Level 6

It is great you took part in NCW by placing the note into circulation.


Level 4



Level 5

Nice one, makes me wish I lived somewhere close to you. Had I been that cashier that bill would have never got by me. My coolest circulation paper money find was a red-seal United States Note $5 bill that I got in change sometime ago in Philadelphia.


Level 7

Why don't you out one in N.Y. That would be great. Good idea


Level 6

I'm sure you are a winner. That would be classic. What will you buy with all your millions of $$$$$$? Well done!

And I thought business employees would gobble up the numismatic goodies.... More for the rest of us :)

It's Mokie

Level 6

Great Idea and may Karma smile upon you with a winning ticket!!!!!


Level 4

Wow! Who ever gets that bill will be lucky. Tell me how the lotto goes! It would be so cool if you struck it big with that.

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