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27 Sep 2020

**The Lion Sleeps Tonight**

Tokens | Kepi

Hi Everyone! I wanted to share my latest addition to my collection. I love these old Tokens with the Lion design on them. This is a 1796 G.Brit D&H-20 Penny Warwickshire- Kempson with edged lettering. I bought it raw and then sent it in to NGC for grading and to protect it. It came back a MS64 BN, which I was pleased with. I especially liked this design with the Lion sleeping in his cave... Reminded me of that old song "The Lion sleeps tonight"... Does anyone remember that one? haha Thanks for taking a look! ; )



Level 4

wow that's amazing!


Level 4

That was a good grade for a token that old, did you bribe the grader?🤔


Level 4

Really nice token.


Level 3

Very cool design in the token itself is cool


Level 5

Amazing coin! And a pretty good song too.


Level 5

Never seen this token before. Really neat design and it looks like just off the press.

Doug S.

Level 4

Very cool. Love the design. Regards Doug

I. R. Bama

Level 5

That's pretty cool Kepi! That was a great song! A Token about a song by the Tokens.... how can it get any better?


Level 5

This is a great looking token Kepi ! It's also a very informative post. I see you got a good grade on it from NGC. Is this a coin or a token? I see it says One Cent. I'm relatively new to numismatics, so I was just wondering.


Level 5

Awesome token. Like everyone else said beautiful. Ive been looking at medals and tokens recently. Ive bought a few miscellaneous ones. Yours is fantastic.


Level 5

That is one sweet token. Thanks for sharing!

My favorite kempson design! You picked a real nice one Kepi.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Beautiful Token Retiree!!! And The Lion Sleeps Tonight is my go-to Karaoke song. I even do the Wimoways. Now that song will be stuck in my head for the next week.


Level 7

Great token. The real sign of England . The Lion. Penny's usually have edge writing.. Excellent job and great token. This one you can see in th reverse that Peter Kempson made it. One of The best. Great pick up great grade!!

I like tokens with edge inscriptions. Problem is when you slab them it gets lost and you never get to see it again.


Level 5

Being a photography nut, I love how you laid out the obverse and reverse picture. But what is more important is the lion design and the fact that you got an excellent grade!


Level 6

a-wemma-wack! Yeah I remember that one but I'm old. That is a real beauty. I too enjoy these old tokens. Dang that Mike for getting us hooked on them. Just kidding. But he did get me onto them. Thanks Kepi, it's awesome.


Level 6

Beautiful token. And the singing group The Tokens were good also.

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