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23 Jan 2015

**Themed Coin Collections**

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I love Buffalo's! Especially in Numismatics. Here I'm showing my " American Buffalo 2014 Perth mint for Tuvalu $1 High Relief-Early Releases Proof 70 Ultra Cameo" ...boy that's a mouth full... haha!!! The photo's were tricky to take as this is a concave coin. This is one of many themed Buffalo coins and currency that I have collected over the past few years. Does anyone else have something special they like to collect with a theme in mind?



Level 6

That is a close up of a buffalo. I like this coin!


Level 7

I'm glad I found this. What beautiful coins. The coins are well done enjoy them it's a great collection. Mike


Level 5

Great themes and I should think of collecting by theme.


Level 4

Nice themes! I really like them!


Level 5

Lady Liberty is my theme.


Level 6

Wait a minute. I forgot I do have a theme collection. "Dinosaurs of Canada". Another plug! I have no shame tonight...


Level 6

I agree it's very hard to photograph proof silver coins. They want to come out black. Or, equally trying, they reflect whatever is in front of them. Like the camera, a plant,or in my case your belly. Those came out great. I'm assuming those were taken with and without your flash. In any event , they look great. I haven't collect by theme, yet. I'll have to give it more thouoght now that I've collect a complete Peace Dollar set, see my collections. Shameless plug!!


Level 6

Thanks Longstrider! I always admire the photos of your collections! Thanks for great comment! : )

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