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29 May 2018

**Unusual Toning Pattern** Mercury Dime**

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I have a short blog for you guys today.  A Mercury Dime that I won at auction.  ( Now that's a surprise, right!)   I thought it had some really cool, unusual and angular toning patterns on it.  It's a 1945-D, the last year of the Mercury Dimes.  Graded by PCGS as a  MS66.  Unfortunately no full bands this time.  For some reason the percentage of full band specimens for this year is lower than usual for a "D" Mint mark dime of the 1940's.   This year also had a mintage of 40,245,000.  It ranks 55 out of the 77 Non-Proof Mercury Dimes from lowest to highest.   The Reverse is a blast white finish, while the Obverse is what caught my eye.  It seems to me that perhaps this dime was on an "end" of a roll, causing such angular looking tone patterns and lines.   I've seen these type of toning patterns usually on Morgans and Peace Dollars...not too much on Mercury Dimes, so feel quite happy to have this one in my collection.  Thanks for looking at my blog.  All comments are welcome.


Mercury dimes are probably my second favorite coin, this designer had a knack for making instant classics.


Level 2

wen did you get that


Level 6

I added this to my collection in early May 2018. Thanks for asking!


Level 4

Wow! What a beautiful coin! Great find! What are the chances of you revealing your favorite auction house...... lol. Thanks for sharing! Good luck! :)


Level 5

Gotta love those Mercury Dimes, keep em coming!


Level 7

Beauty of a coin glad you got it congratulations. Mike


Level 6

That's a beauty. You certainly have an eye for Mercury dimes.


Level 6

Nice coin. You wonder where it was to get this unusual toning.


Level 5

Wow Kepi, you are making me want to start working on my Mercury set again.


Level 6

That is an interesting toning pattern Kepi. I believe I do have a similar pattern on a Peace dollar, as you say. You certainly have a very unique and eclectic collection! I don't know where you are getting these but keep it up. Are you sure you don't have a personal auction house you are cherry picking from? Haha!!! Thanks for sharing with us!

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