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02 Sep 2018

**When Great Minds Think Alike...**

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As a lot of my fellow collectors already know one of my passions are beautifully toned Mercury Dimes.  Lately as I have been searching through favorite auction sites, I have been seeing more and more pre-1965 Roosevelt Dimes that also show some wonderful colors and tones.  I have been lucky in my bidding to have won a couple of these examples and have been really happy upon receiving them.  My photo's are of a 1953-S  Roosevelt Dime graded MS65 by PCGS  and a 1958-D  Roosevelt Dime graded MS66FB also by PCGS.  Both now reside in my collection next to my Mercury Dimes who are probably wondering  who the heck is this guy and what kinda dime are you!  ; )    haha    Now these will never replace my Mercury's but I have been noticing toned Roosevelts can go for as much as some toned Mercury's.  I have to wonder as time goes by if the next generation of collectors will think of Roosevelts as being "old" and collectable in the same sense that I have thought that about my Mercury's.  It's something for the YN's to think about...  will you collect Classic older coinage or move forward to newer more modern designs?    Now a few words about my blog...  After reading it some of you might think,  hmmm,  this seems familiar.  Well, I had pre-written this blog awhile ago and had put aside for a later date.  Now in the meantime my "Better-Half and Fellow-Collector"  was deciding on what his next blog would be...   Can you guess what he choose?  Yep, the Roosevelts...  So this one's for you Babe   ; )   Thanks for reading my blog.  Comments are always welcome. 


The 1953 "S" dime has great tone.

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

I am not a huge fan of the Roosevelt dimes, but that is some nice toning!


Level 7

I love Roosevelt's. Have the entire set. Untouched came from sets. I'm as you know not a tone guy. A nice light blue or gold hue that really adds to the coin. These are great. You picked up some beauties. I enjoyed your blog picked up a point. I will take that any day in a blog. When I can learn from a blog it's written great. A real blog. Thanks for that. Mike.


Level 6

FDR dimes are very under-appreciated. You could get some good buys on beautiful ones.


Level 6

It is great your other half enjoys the hobby. I believe the Roosevelt Dimes are so under-rated. If a book would be published, that help the interest in them. It is a great time to pick-up some nice coins for reasonable prices.


Level 5

Roosevelt's aren't as appreciated as they should be. I think nice ones, like yours, are going to big winners down the road.


Level 6

Sounds like a match made in heaven!!! Thanks.

Those are some nice dimes. I traded my way to an AU-55 1892 Barber dime yesterday, no toning, a little verdigris by the letters, but the luster is amazing, and so is the nice, barely worn sides

Roosevelt's are ignored by almost everyone, but a toned Roosevelt looks a lot better and will probably do better down the road. Call it foresight.

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