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22 Sep 2019

**Wish List Coins**

Exonumia | Kepi

Hi everyone! I'm sure we all have those certain coins that we long for. They are on our "Wish List"... they're not totally out of reach, we just haven't quite bit the bullet yet and pushed that "Buy now" button. Two of those coins for me is a $20 Double Eagle Saint-Gaudens and the $50 Gold American Buffalo Bullion Coin. So in the meantime until I find those perfect coins that "talk" to me I have added these silver bullion examples to my collection. One of these days I'll blog about a newly acquired "Wish List" Gold Coin, but for now I hope you enjoy these silver beauties as I have. Whats your "special" coin that you hope to add to your collection in the future? Thanks for reading my blog. All comments are welcomed. ; )



Level 5

Besides some key date small cents I would love any of the 2016 National Park Service commemorative coins ( Whenever I am not actively doing something Numismatic I am being a National Park Geek)

The Buffalo round looks really cool a i am very intrigued!


Level 4

Aw man the thought of a double eagle... I love any gold coin like that!

Great photos of some really spectacular silver rounds. I remember when silver was so cheap a dealer in US Silver Dollars was giving rounds with his advert on them away as come-ons. Am I dating myself ?? I guess the coins I would like that is just over my budget would be a gold Noble (Edward III thru the War of the Roses).


Level 6

Nice wish list reality coins. You have nice taste. I wish for the elusive 1964 Peace Dollar... Thanks.🐍


Level 6

It would be nice to have a $20 gold piece. Had one once, I won it in a club raffle. Sold it, to help send my kids to college.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I know how you feel Kepi, I would love to have a St. Gaudens Eagle and Double Eagle some day. But unless I buy lottery tickets, that day may never come. (: Best of luck on getting your Grail coins, I would love to see them when you get them someday.


Level 7

We all have that list sometimes in an auction you might get kucky. I hope you do. Nothing wrong with bullion. Some are very nice like these two. . Very nice pick up. I wish you with your list.

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