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04 Oct 2017

A Real Heavy Weight...

Exonumia | Kepi

This is a great 2017 piece from the Republique Democratique Du Congo.  It features an ol' narley looking Water Buffalo with an attitude...haha   It's 100 grams of .999 silver stamped into a 3/4 inch thick reeded edge round.  And it's HEAVY!  This is a really detailed piece, hope you can see everything in the photo's!  I really like to collect coins/bullion with a Buffalo or Bison theme and I couldn't resist this African version.  Thanks for looking!



Level 4

Really, 3/4 inch thick!

coin collector

Level 4


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

thats a huge coin. dont know if i will ever want one of that size. thanks for the pic


Level 4

Nice coin!


Level 6

What a beauty! That buffalo doesn't look happy..Thanks!!!


Level 5

Wow, that's an impressive piece. I almost missed the buffalo face on the obverse.


Level 6

Nice looking coin, Don't see much from Africa.


Level 7

Great looking coin. First time I have seen a water buffalo on a coin. I have seen our buffalos on coins but this is a first good eye. I like coins like that. And heavy enjoy it.

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