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04 Jul 2021

**Another Buffalo Added To My Herd**

Coins-United States | Kepi

I wanted to share this new addition to my “Buffalo” themed collection! A perfect Silver 1 oz. Buffalo… PF 70 Ultra Cameo. A National Zoo Commemorative 2019 Buffalo at the Castle. Mintage of 2,500 Designed by Natanya van Niekerk.

05 Sep 2020

**No Gold Watch For Me, Thank You!**

Coins-United States | Kepi

Hi everyone! It's been a crazy few months for me, as I have been working and getting ready for RETIREMENT! ; ) It's amazing how much there is to do... Documents, forms, endless phone calls, etc... And then finally I get to walk into my boss's office and say "I'm outta here. 8/31/2020"!!! As a retirement gift, my Husband presented me with this beautiful 2020 $50 Gold Buffalo Coin, graded by NGC MS70 . As some of you know I love buffalo themed coinage so what could have been more perfect! No gold watch for me... haha ; )

09 Mar 2018

**That's One Knarley Note, But It's My Note**

Paper Money - United States | Kepi

Tonight I want to share with you from my collection the "Perfect" example of a 1901 Legal Tender $10 "Bison Note". Friedberg No. F-122, with the signatures of Speelman/White. There might not be a more popular large size United States note than this series of 1901. This note has historical appeal as well as numismatic appeal. It was circulating during the 100 year anniversary of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The face of the note is symbolic of the American West, with portraits of Lewis and Clark to the right and left, and a Magnificent Bison in the center. This vignette was engraved by M.S. Baldwin. The back of the note was the work of G.F.C. Smillie and was titled "Progress". It shows Columbia standing as a representative of agriculture. Now, this note had been on my want list for awhile but I had been unable to find that "perfect" one for me. In higher grade these can get really pricey, although very beautiful...no folds, tears, no fading, no character. None really "spoke" to me. And that brings us to my "Knarley Note". I saw this one at auction with lots of bidders already, but I knew this is the one I had been looking for! Graded by PCGS as a Good 4 Apparent with Edge Damage; Tape Repairs. Old, used, torn, faded, stained and yes, taped up...This Bison had so much character and spoke of so many past adventures that it was indeed "Perfect" for me. Hope you enjoyed my blog! Comment's are welcomed.

11 Oct 2017

Now that's a Dimple!

Exonumia | Kepi

This is one impressive NGC slab! Measuring 6"x 8" and holds a 2010 5 oz. Silver 25 cent piece. The design features one of America's National Treasures... Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. With Old Faithful and a Buffalo, two icons of Yellowstone on the reverse and George Washington on the obverse. This one has been graded a MS 69 DPL "Dimple'". Which means Deep Mirrored Proof-Like or you can clearly see 6 to 8 inches of a clear reflection in the field. This coin is perfect for my collection... I love Buffalo's, America and lots of Silver!

23 Jan 2015

**Themed Coin Collections**

Coins | Kepi

I love Buffalo's! Especially in Numismatics. Here I'm showing my " American Buffalo 2014 Perth mint for Tuvalu $1 High Relief-Early Releases Proof 70 Ultra Cameo" ...boy that's a mouth full... haha!!! The photo's were tricky to take as this is a concave coin. This is one of many themed Buffalo coins and currency that I have collected over the past few years. Does anyone else have something special they like to collect with a theme in mind?

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