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27 Sep 2020

**The Lion Sleeps Tonight**

Tokens | Kepi

Hi Everyone! I wanted to share my latest addition to my collection. I love these old Tokens with the Lion design on them. This is a 1796 G.Brit D&H-20 Penny Warwickshire- Kempson with edged lettering. I bought it raw and then sent it in to NGC for grading and to protect it. It came back a MS64 BN, which I was pleased with. I especially liked this design with the Lion sleeping in his cave... Reminded me of that old song "The Lion sleeps tonight"... Does anyone remember that one? haha Thanks for taking a look! ; )

21 Apr 2020

**If having One Pidcock is Good...Then having Two is Great!!!**

Exonumia | Kepi

Hi Everyone, I'm so excited! My second Pidcock has arrived! It is the next token in line from my previous blog written on April 5th 2020. A 1795 G. Brit D&H-415 1/2 P Middlesex- Pidcock's E: Payable in Dublin. And to my wonderful surprise this beauty came back as a MS 66 BN! It's tied with one other for the finest grade in all the land! This token is different from the last as "Exhibition" is spelled correctly and the reverse is dated 1795 with a completely new design for the Eagle "Crazy Bird" with rays shining down from above. These Pidcock's Menagerie Zoo Tokens are a delight to collect. The animals are amazing and to think that they are over 225 years old is a mind bend! Imagine all the hands, pockets and purses that held these tokens, well not this one...it is a Mint State haha I hope you enjoyed this second blog on Pidcock's. A very cool subject for collecting!

05 Apr 2020

**My First Pidcock Token**

Tokens | Kepi

Hi everyone! Hope all is quiet on the home front and we're all taking time to enjoy our coins and collections. This is a new area of collecting for me... Pidcock's Exhibition (London) English Conder Tokens. How cool are these! Old and gnarly with great animals on them... I had to have one! ( Actually my second one is on the way even as I write this... haha) The Pidcock Exhibition was a private zoo in London that showed all kinds of exotic animals from around the world. Many Londoners had never seen such beasts before as these were imported from Asia, Africa, India, Australia and South America. The Tokens featured a animal on each side with the exception of a couple varieties. Some examples are elephants, parrots, rhinos, monkeys, lions, zebras, kangaroos, eagles and even a two-headed cow! This particular Pidcock is a 1790's Great Britain D&H-414 1/2P E: Plain NGC graded it an MS62 BN. Also note that "EXIBITION" is misspelled. These were struck in copper so the best of the best would have a deep red finish. But since my Token is about 230 years old a bit of that red has been worn off... haha To me this example is wonderful! I love the Lion ( a lot of you know I have a thing for Lions ) and the Eagle definitely has attitude! Also known in the Token collecting world as the "Crazy Bird". I hope you enjoyed my blog and this interesting new collection.

09 Dec 2017

*1783 Nova Constellatio Pattern*

Coins-United States | Kepi

I added this unique piece to my collection a few months ago when I won it at auction! I think this coin is so cool! It is a 1783 Nova Constellatio Pattern Coin. Pointed Rays, Small US. This one is graded by PCGS as Genuine with Environmental Damage-VF Detail. I researched for more information on this piece, but didn't find out to much. What I did learn was that it represents one of the first patterns for coinage in the United States. It was designed by Benjamin Dudley for Gouverneur Morris to carry out his ideas for a decimal coinage system. These pattern pieces were the first attempt at a decimal ratio and were the forerunners of our present system of money values. Ultimately these coins never advanced beyond the pattern stage. These all had the date of 1783. That's it folks...and most of that came from the Red Book. All I know is that is beautiful and very old! If anyone can add more information about this coin please feel free to do so. Thanks for your comments!

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