Kepi's Blog

27 Sep 2020

**The Lion Sleeps Tonight**

Tokens | Kepi

Hi Everyone! I wanted to share my latest addition to my collection. I love these old Tokens with the Lion design on them. This is a 1796 G.Brit D&H-20 Penny Warwickshire- Kempson with edged lettering. I bought it raw and then sent it in to NGC for grading and to protect it. It came back a MS64 BN, which I was pleased with. I especially liked this design with the Lion sleeping in his cave... Reminded me of that old song "The Lion sleeps tonight"... Does anyone remember that one? haha Thanks for taking a look! ; )

06 Apr 2018

**It's Raining 2018 D's**

Coins-United States | Kepi

After waiting for months and checking change with every transaction...finally...finally... I found a 2018 D Lincoln Cent and a 2018 D Roosevelt Dime and on the same day! I was beginning to wonder if the Mint sent any out to the great western states! As soon as I saw these I just knew...they screamed shiny and new! This is a silly short blog, but I really was excited to find these! Thanks! Comments are welcomed.

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