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04 Sep 2017

Déjà Vu... ???

Medals | Kepi

You may remember back in August seeing a similar blog by me. You're probably thinking " Oh brother...Kepi's gone nuts! She already put this Medal up"... If you look closely though you'll see that this is a different "Life and Death" Medal. This one graded higher at PCGS SP 66. c.1950 by Cecil Howard, Sculptor. To date there are only 2 graded in existence and even though I wasn't looking for the second one, I found it at auction and won it far below what it should have gone for. So I must say I'm really excited to show you my 2 of 2 "Life and Death" Medal's. I like to check out the smaller coin auction sites...you never know when you might find a "sleeper", as I believe most bidders were looking at the larger coin auctions going on like The Money Show in Denver and the Pre-Long Beach Show among others.

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