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07 Oct 2018

**An Eye Catcher**...

Coins-United States | Kepi

Sometimes when you visit your favorite coin shop you have nothing particular in mind that your looking for. No list, no hole filler, no "just released" special coin or set. I thought today will be that day when I will not spend "Money on Money"... Although one of my husbands favorite things to say when it comes to buying coins "Nothing wrong with that" ; ) A relaxed day of chatting with your coin dealer, just shooting the breeze. Browsing around and then something catches your eye... For me it wasn't shiny silver or gleaming with luster like the other beautiful coins around it. Nope for me it shone dark with years of age and tone. But what was it? Truthfully I couldn't tell from where I was. To my surprise it was a 1952 Franklin Half Dollar. A Franklin??? Now I haven't had much interest in Franklin's before, no particular reason why. After a moment of pondering... Hmmm... A Franklin... I loved this coin! It would look great in my collection! This must have been meant to be, as I was not looking to pick up anything this trip... I think my new Franklin picked me! So much for making plans, especially at the Coin Shop! Thanks for reading my blog. Comments are welcomed ; )

29 May 2018

**Unusual Toning Pattern** Mercury Dime**

Coins-United States | Kepi

I have a short blog for you guys today. A Mercury Dime that I won at auction. ( Now that's a surprise, right!) I thought it had some really cool, unusual and angular toning patterns on it. It's a 1945-D, the last year of the Mercury Dimes. Graded by PCGS as a MS66. Unfortunately no full bands this time. For some reason the percentage of full band specimens for this year is lower than usual for a "D" Mint mark dime of the 1940's. This year also had a mintage of 40,245,000. It ranks 55 out of the 77 Non-Proof Mercury Dimes from lowest to highest. The Reverse is a blast white finish, while the Obverse is what caught my eye. It seems to me that perhaps this dime was on an "end" of a roll, causing such angular looking tone patterns and lines. I've seen these type of toning patterns usually on Morgans and Peace Dollars...not too much on Mercury Dimes, so feel quite happy to have this one in my collection. Thanks for looking at my blog. All comments are welcome.

21 May 2018

**Not Just Another Pretty Face**

Coins-United States | Kepi

I thought I would show off my new addition to my Mercury Dime collection. Now I told myself, cut back on the auctions...take a break. But no...I just had to take a peek at the Dimes on one of my favorites auction houses. There it was, a 1916 Mercury Dime with some amazing and I think unusual toning. Graded by PCGS as a MS64 Full Bands. Oh yeah, this one had my name all over it! There was a bidding war though. About 9 people were interested but not serious... ; ) haha I especially wanted this one as it has Full Bands. I have found that there are alot of pretty Mercury Dimes out there, but not too many that have split bands as well. Toning and Full Bands, can't get better than that... Well, I guess it could have been a 1916 "D"...... ; ) haha Hope you enjoyed my blog! All comments are welcome.

16 May 2018

**Golden Girl's**

Coins-United States | Kepi

After several trips to my coin dealer and after admiring this coin and her sister, yes, there were two identical. I'm like what the heck are you waiting for Kepi? For someone else to buy them? So next time I go to the coin store and look in the case and they are gone... I can be sad and mad for not buying them earlier...? Well...not this time! These ladies are coming home with me... ; ) I loved the golden tone of these 1881-S Morgan Dollar's! Beautifully unique with a sharp strike and a mintage of 12,760,000. Although thought to be one of the most common of the Morgan Dollars... These look anything but common to me ; ) Thanks for reading my blog! Comments are always welcome.

03 Apr 2018

**Collecting Buffalos again!**

Coins-United States | Kepi

I wanted to share this beautiful example of a Buffalo Nickel or as some people call them Indian Head Nickel. My husband surprised me with this today for no particular reason at all other than he thought it would boost back my interest into my Buffalo Nickel collection. I must admit that I have neglected them as I've been pursuing my other favorite coin, the Mercury Dime. When I saw my new Buffalo, I was so excited and remembered all over again why I loved this design so much! This one is a 1937-D. Graded by PCGS as a MS65...full of original luster and details. The reverse shows a beautiful strike of a buffalo with golden toning. There is a mintage of 17,826,000. The metal composition is .750 copper and .250 nickel. The diameter is 21.2 mm and the coin has a plain edge. I hope this has inspired you to think about a coin you've collected in the past that maybe you should take a second look at. Thanks for reading my blog. Comments are always welcome.

27 Feb 2018

**Heading West**

Coins-United States | Kepi

This Commemorative coin has been in my collection for quite awhile now and finally today I thought I need to put this up. This is a 1936 S "Oregon Trail Memorial Half Dollar". Beautifully toned! It's graded by NGC as a MS-65. The designers are James Earle Fraser and his wife, Laura Gardin Fraser. Weight: 12.50 grams, Diameter: 30.6 mm, Reeded edge, Composition: .900 silver, .100 copper. Mintage max. 6,000,000. It was minted in San Francisco, Denver and Philadelphia. This was the first commemorative to be struck at more than one Mint facility, and also the first commemorative to be struck at the Denver Mint. This coin was the longest running in the series of Classic Commemorative's, dating from 1926 thru 1939. This beautiful coin was struck in commemoration of the Oregon Trail and in memory of the pioneers, many who died and lay buried along side this 2,000 mile stretch of road. The obverse shows a pioneer family in a Conestoga wagon, heading west into the sunset, filled with hopes of a new better life. The reverse depicts a proud Indian standing with a bow, his arm outstretched almost as if saying to the pioneers " Stop, this is not your land". There is a map of the United States in the background. This coin originally sold for $1.00. It was issued by the Oregon Trail Memorial Association Inc. I hope you enjoyed my blog! Any comments are welcomed.

31 Jan 2018

**1943 Winged Liberty Toned**

Coins-United States | Kepi

I've been browsing some of my favorite auction sites and found this 1943 Mercury Dime, also called "Winged Liberty Head" with some really great toning! ( Which is one of my weaknesses...love those tones!) It's graded by PCGS and is an MS65. The designer is Adolph A. Weinman. It has a weight of 2.50 grams, a composition of .900 silver and .100 copper, a diameter of 17.9 mm, a reeded edge and mints out of Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco. The wings on Liberty's cap are meant to symbolize "Liberty of Thought"....Something all Americans should embrace. I hope you enjoyed my blog! Any comments are always welcome.

28 Oct 2017

**Just Another Pretty Coin**...

Coins-World | Kepi

I saw this the other day at my coin dealer's store and knowing that I enjoy toned coins, he put this one aside for me. This piece really caught my eye. I think it's the beautiful bright silver with such a light mauve toning around the edge and on the rim that did it. It was just so pretty and understated. So after almost no thought at all...it now has a place with me in my collection. This is a 1999 $5 dollar Canadian Maple Leaf. 1 oz. pure silver. It features Queen Elizabeth ll on the obverse. Hope you enjoy it!

25 Oct 2017

**Another 1940's Beauty**

Coins-United States | Kepi

Hey Everybody, I thought you might enjoy another one of my toned Mercury Dimes. This one I also won at auction. It's a 1941*** AU 58 graded by NGC. This wasn't an expensive piece but I thought the toning was kinda wild! You'll notice it was minted in the 1940's like my other one...and again it has toned also. Whats with the 1940's and the toning of Mercury Dimes? I don't know but whatever it is I love it! ; ) Enjoy and have a great day!

24 Oct 2017

**Now that's what I call toning!**

Coins-United States | Kepi

You know I'm a push over for a beautifully toned Mercury Dime. These are my favorite of all the US coinage. So when this one came up for auction I couldn't resist. It's a 1945- D graded MS 66. It almost looks like full bands although the grader didn't specify that. It has an icy feeling with those blue and purple hues. It seems that for some reason there are a lot of toned Mercury Dimes dated in the 1940's. Hope you enjoy the photo's!


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