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03 Aug 2018

**Another Wolf For My Pack**

Coins-World | Kepi

I would like to share with all of you my latest addition to my collection! First let me thank CoinLady, as she is the one who brought the existence of this coin to my attention. I had written a blog on July 28th titled "Wolves or Wolfs???" and because of her comment to my blog I was able to find this beauty of a coin and yes, a Wolf! It's a 1967 .50 cent piece from Canada in 80% silver. A Circulating Commemorative Coin for the 100th Anniversary of Canada. The obverse has the profile of Elizabeth ll, when she was just 39 years of age. The engraver is Arnold Machin. The reverse depicts a howling wolf with the inscription 50 cents, "Canada" 1867-1967. The engraver being Alex Colville. This beautiful example has a Proof-Like finish and some amazing blue toning. This just goes to show how the members here inspire, help and show interest in each other. Thanks for reading my blog. Comments are always welcome!

01 Jul 2018

**Canadian Wolf**

Coins - World | Kepi

I'd like to share a new piece that I've added to my collection recently. It's part of the Royal Canadian Mint "Predator Series" 2018 Canada S $5 Wolf. Early Release. Graded by NGC as a MS 69. This coin is the third release in this series. The first being the 2016 Cougar and the second 2017 Lynx. The Wolf is 1 oz. of fine Silver and has a low mintage of 300,000. It is a sovereign coin backed by the Canadian Government. The Obverse shows Susanna Blunt's design of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll and the face value of $5 dollars. The Reverse is an engraved depiction of a wolf in pursuit of its prey. Designed by artist Nathalie Legace. I really liked the fine details of the wolf...coarse fur, sharp canines and running at full speed! The wolf is a fearless hunter that relies on high intelligence, adaptability and great hunting skill, especially in a pack. They have lived in all types of terrain in the northern hemisphere except for the desert...which is where I live. Around 50,000 wolves make Canada their home, the second largest population in the world after the former Soviet Union. They are very social and gather in packs of up to 20 members. Looking at this beautiful coin I can just imagine a pack of wolves running through the snow, working together as they pursue tonight's meal. Thank you for reading my blog! Comments are always welcome.

27 Sep 2017

Zentangle Art* "The Great Grey Wolf"

Coins-World | Kepi

Wolves...What's not to love! This is a 2017 $30 Fine Silver Coin from The Royal Canadian Mint. A diameter of 50 millimeters and weight of 2 troy ounces. The artist of this wolf is Jori van der Linde. This style combines multiple abstract patterns in an intricate design within the wolf itself. The obverse designed by Susanna Blunt of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. It has a mintage of 4000 and a beautiful Proof finish! I hope you can see all the detail of this coin in my photo's, it's really an amazing piece!

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