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01 Dec 2015

Good Job on the Numismatist's Archive

ANA Library | kurtrr

Just signed up for the archives. This is great. Wonderful reference material that is easy to access.

I've just read the first issue. As you may expect it is much like our local club/dealer newsletter. Fun to read and the prices are amazing. I especially like the part about coin collecting being inexpensive! (One has to pick the right area to collect inexpensively today.)

I can imagine that this wealth of materials in digitized form will lead to even easier access and searchability.

I just want to add that I joined the ANA only recently and did so partly because I was looking forward to reading the back issues. I read the back issues that were available and it made my member very worthwhile. This addition is far beyond what I had hoped for (though I did entertain the though of it happening - I doubted all the issues still existed).

Good job ANA!




Level 5

thank you.


Level 6

Agreed! The ANA did a wonderful job!


Level 4

We're pleased you like the benefit!


Level 5

I agree with you 100%. The ANA did a great job in adding this benefit to the members! By the way welcome!

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