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10 Jan 2023


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Ever since I bought that 8 Real Mexican coin that is holed, I have been on the lookout for another holed coin. I have no idea why but they seem to speak to me. Someone likely put a hole in the coin to hang it around their neck for safe keeping. Now that is some history. While looking at some coins online I ran into this one and couldn't resist it

This is a well worn coin for sure. It is a 1743 Mexican one Real silver coin. Somewhere in its history a hole was punched in it. I imagine it is to make it easier to keep track of. It is a lot more difficult to lose the coin if it's around ones neck. All conjecture on my part but it fits. One needs to keep in mind the age of this coin. The Real was the main unit of exchange around the world. This includes America.

This small coin is 20 mm in diameter and weighs 3.38 grams of .917 silver. KM# 75.2 is its index number. It was minted at the Mexico City Mint. The year 1743 places it in the Spanish Colonial Period of Mexico. This coin is under the rule of Felipe V of Spain. This style, The Pillar-Style Milled Coinage, was made from 1732-1747.

Now for the lettering and features of the coin. The Obverse shows the crowned arms shield along with the value and a legend all around the coin in Latin. The lettering is as follows: PHS. V. D.G.HISP.ET.IND.R *R* *I*. The translation is Felipe 5th by the grace of God King of Spain and the Indies 1 Real. The reverse shows crowned hemispheres being flanked by pillars with a legend around and the date at the bottom also all in Latin: VTRA QUE VNUM .Mo .1743. M. The translation is: Both as one Mexico City 1743 M.

That is a lot to put on a coin but they got it. There is no way to tell when the coin had a hole punched in it. That is what sealed the deal for me. I have found a new sub category to collect in my old, silver, Mexican coins. I hope you enjoy this short but fact full blog. The coin is a piece of Mexican/American/Spanish, and world history. Amazing so much packed into this old, tiny piece of silver. Thanks. I put up two stock photos to help with the lettering. The 1742 Real is not my coin. Enjoy!


Whitman Encyclopedia of MEXICAN MONEY, Volume 1

By: Don and Lois Bailey




Level 5

An interesting time in history. Someday I will add one to my collection.


Level 6

Interesting coin! This is a cool subcategory for you! Have fun with it and good luck! ; )


Level 6

Well worn coins have great stories to tell.

Long Beard

Level 5

A specimen to be proud of for sure. Only a select few of us truly appreciate the beauty in what others pass by so easily. Thanks for sharing your latest score.


Level 5

Awesome coin for sure. I love holed old holed coins. Have a few holed coins myself. Always looking for older holed coins. Just think they are nice collectable coins.

The mexican Reales have great history (They circulated in the U.S.A. before the civil war)

It's Mokie

Level 6

Oh the story that coin could tell. That is why I collect because every coin has a story and every story makes my world a bigger place. Thanks for sharing your story. (:

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Did I send you a picture of mine? Mine is also holed (the 1 reale) Thanks for writing about this coin. A friend gave it to me when I was 13 and I have cherished it all these years (A couple of you know how long that is too!)


Level 6

Yep you did. A fine coin and a great back history. Thanks.


Level 7

Great blog. I have A one Real. I enjoy the coin. It has great history here in this country. The blog is a great read. I think it was used during the Revolutionary war. Great design. Thanks.for the translation. Its nice to know what it says on a coin. I will read it again. The pictures are great!. You van see everything!! Thank you for a great blog. I learned something today. Most of the time when you write a blog!!

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