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03 Feb 2018


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  This morning I would like to share this coin I bought from an odd source. The coin is a 1891 Dos Centavos Libertad. The source I bought it from is odd in that they live in the Transylvanian area of today’s Romania. I know. Crazy, no? He is very reliable as I have bought from him before. eBay. Just low end stuff so far, but he has great rates and great shipping. No problems. In fact the last blog I did was a coin from him. The Italian 1 Centesimo. So, back to this coin. This is a great toned dark 1891 DOS CENTAVOS from Argentina. It is a bronze, 10 g, 30 mm, 1.8 mm thick, round coin. Minted from 1882-1896. KM #33.
   The obverse features the coat of arms of Argentina in the center, name of the country above and date, 1891, below. Argentina does not use heraldic arms, but the emblem, which is commonly referred to as a coat of arms. At the top is the golden Sun of May, signifying Argentina as a new and glorious nation. The cap at the top of the spike is the Phrygian cap symbolizing liberty. The spike under the cap represents the people's willingness to defend their land and protect their liberties. The two shaking hands symbolize the unity of the different provinces of Argentina.  On the reverse is the head of Liberty, wearing a Phrygian cap. The engraver's name, Eugène-André Oudiné is below the head. The inscription "Freedom'' in Spanish and the denomination "ONE CENTAVO". What drew me to this particular common coin is the die breaks. They are predominately located at 9 to 7 o’clock on the obverse. Also, some of the stars deserve closer inspection for possible doubling. All in all, I found this to be a great coin to own and study. I hope you enjoyed my blog and photos. Please feel free to comment. Thanks for your time!!


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

very cool coin and great blog. thanks for sharing

I'm a sucker for a classic rendition of Lady Liberty, and this in one of them.


Level 6

Pretty coin. I like the Liberty head. That would be a great exhibit...different portraits of Liberty on world coins.


Level 6

It is interesting the trips coin make.


Level 5

That coin has been on a long strange trip. At least that's how I picture it.


Level 6

Another beautiful coin Longstrider! That's too cool you can see the die cracks! It's great that you have a repore with a coin dealer/seller in Transylvanian! Thanks for your research and photo's!


Level 7

Excellent blog. I don't believe in low end coins. To many stories of collectors going threw boxes in a store picking out something they like and bingo it's a rare coin or a variety or has good value. This is a very pleasant coin especially for the age. It catches your eye and its not a coin we see everyday. Plus you have the history and great shots. I enjoyed it. Thanks. Mike.


Level 6

Your right about the no "Low End" coins. I won't make that mistake again. Thank you!!!

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