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28 Sep 2019


Exonumia | Longstrider

I am going to keep this short as my hand has had some surgery. I was looking for a 1893 Morgan dollar for my type set album the other day. This coin is a bit pricey as there were only 378,000 minted in Philly. I ran into this cast hobo type dollar, I am calling it. I am a fan of the Mexican holiday of “Dia de los Muertos” or Day of the Dead, and Hobo Nickels after meeting "Tiny" at a Summer Seminar, so I picked it up.

It is a very good cast example of the 1893 Morgan. Its weight is 26.63 grams vs 26.73 for the original. The diameter is 37.96 mm vs 38.1 mm. Both of these are well within tolerances for a circulated specimen. I have not counted the reeds or denticles. I’m not sure what it’s made of, I’m hoping my coin dealer can tell me. I need some help with the translation of the inscription. I know there are some smart people out there that can help. It may be Latin, some is. I got “praeceps-headlong, “dificile-difficult, “vita brevis-life is short, and “ars longa”-art is long. That’s it. Any help? Thanks for looking and commenting.


Catholic School in the 1950’s and 60’s for Latin


Mike B

Level 6

That's a new one for me. Looks like you did well. I like it. I wonder who made it. It has to have a creative mind good blog. Great coin. Can't beat it. Thanks.


Level 5

Never seen a hobo dollar, thanks for sharing.


Level 4

HAHA! Love the design on the front! I think the YN auction also had a 1893 morgan dollar.


Level 5

I took 4 years of Spanish between HS and University but alas, I have forgotten 90% of it, that means I know 10 words still and none of them are on your coin. Sorry!!! But I love that design, needs to be tattooed on my ribs OUCH.


Level 5

That skeleton look's as if he is enjoying himself a little too much LOL! Just in time for Halloween. Morgan hobos are kind of neat with a little more room to work than a Buffalo Nickel. Wouldn't it be something if the reverse had an "S" mintmark on it!


Level 6

What a cool "coin" Longstrider! The best of both a Morgan and a Hobo! ; ) haha Love "Day of the Dead"...however I can't help you the translation, I went to Public School... haha

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