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29 Oct 2017


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I saw this at my coin store while going through one of his "bargain" boxes. He keeps a few of these bargain bins for people to go through. Everyone seems to love them. Anyway, I saw this huge note and had to check it out more thoroughly. Only one way to do a good job of that. Buy it!! It is large, 10' X 4 3/4". That's  about 260 mm X 122 mm..  I have found, while researching this note that there are quite a few around but most have been folded.. The front features the Imperial Russian Coat of Arms in addition to a transparent water mark of Catherine the Great This is one of the best watermarks I have ever seen or maybe I should say not seen. It really needs to be held up to a bright light to see it. Once that is done, it is amazing how much detail is in it. The back has a portrait of the Tzarista along with an allegorical male figure. Most of this series was issued prior to or encompassing World War 1, during Russia's huge inflationary period. I am working on a friend to come back from her honeymoon to read the Cyrillic for me. I'll let you know. This note had a cash value, in gold, of 50 1910 US dollars. Quite a chunk of change back then! I learned quite a bit about the history of this note and Russia from something that caught my eye in a bargain bin! I hope you enjoy the pictures and history lesson. Thanks for looking. I look forward to your comments.


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that is a really beautiful piece. and great pick up


Level 5

What a nice find. It looks in good shape. Congrats.

coin collector

Level 4

how much did you pay for it ?


Level 5

Russia makes some nice BIG notes. A lot of them are reasonably priced which is nice. Good job on the pictures.


Level 6

It is great there is a bargain box at the coin shop. Once in a while you will find something interesting. I once found a 1897 Indian cent, snow-1 in a bargain tray.


Level 6

You found this in a bargain box? What a great find!


Level 7

A very nice piece. Looks terrific be careful with it and I know you will enjoy it . I know y you appreciate good quality. Thanks for the work and the pictures. Nice pick up.Mike.


Level 6

Really cool piece! The design in the watermark is almost "ghostly" looking! Good blog for Halloween! ; )


Level 4

Nice find!

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