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29 Jul 2017


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   Here I have a nice coin for everyone to see. It's a 1922 Peace Dollar in AU-55 Grade from ANACS. A lot of people don't care much for ANACS but you will find them dominating in grading different VAMs and other varieties. This particular coin is a VAM-12A or Moustache. It has a die break from the nose to the end of the upper lip. It's just the way I like VAMs. Ones that can be seen with the naked eye. This coin is also in the Top 50 Peace Dollar VAMs to collect. I won this coin after some spirited bidding on my favorite web auction site. It also is just starting to tone around the edges. I hope you enjoy looking at this coin. I understand the VAM coins are not for everyone. I look forward to your comments. Thanks for looking!

Sources: vamworld.com
                    The Guide Book of Peace Dollars 2nd Edition
                     A Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Morgan and Peace Dollars by Leroy C. Van Allen & George Mallis



Level 5

Not into VAMs but I get the appeal of this one. Thanks for the post and especially the photos.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

very nice coin and thanks for the pictures


Level 5

That's pretty awesome. I don't do VAM's myself but I can see the appeal.


Level 4

The moustache VAM is my all time favorite! Great Peace Dollar!


Level 6

Nice photos, thanks for sharing.


Level 6

I agree! I love to be able to see the variety and this is a great example of that! Peace Dollars seem to have quite a few different VAM varieties. Way Cool Longstrider! : )


Level 7

Absolutely great shot of of a variety. And a great coin. Nice pick up. Then you always had a good eye. Thanks Mike.


Level 6

That is one cool variety. If I cannot see the variety without magnification I don't bother! Thanks for this!

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