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05 Apr 2020


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Recently I picked up a nice, new 1922 Peace Dollar VAM 1A- "Line in Tiara". Besides being a TOP 50 member, this VAM is a good example of the first reverse die type called a B1 reverse. This reverse was only used in early 1922. It was later changed to a new B2 die that was used for the rest of the series. This variety was discovered by Jeff Oxman in April 1999.

First the die break or gouge that gives this VAM it's name. It appears on the obverse side. There is a horizontal gouge creating a line in Miss Liberty's tiara. It lies in the rays below the "B" of "LIBERTY". Above this gouge is a smaller line that curves down into it. Also present is a die crack towards the bottom of Her neck. This connects Liberty's neck and the "1" in the date. Splitting this crack is another line that comes off the first one and travels down to split the field between the "1" and "9" of the date.

On the reverse side there are slightly doubled rays on the left side below the tail feathers and below "ONE". Also on the reverse is the interesting small die study. The B! Reverse is different in the later used B2 for the following characteristics. On the B1 the stem of the olive branch and leaves are disconnected from the eagle's right talon. On the B2 reverse the stem appears to be connected. Even more easily to see with the naked eye is the number of mountains or hills next to the rim and below the olive branch and leaves. On the B1 there are two hills whereas on the B2 a third small hill has been added. No one is sure why this die was modified.

Below, in the photos, one can see these differences. I hope you enjoy this blog. Please feel free to comment.



The Official Guide to the TOP 50 Peace Dollar Varieties by Jeff Oxman and Dr. David Close

A Guide Book of PEACE DOLLARS by Roger W. Burdette 3rd Edition


Long Beard

Level 5

As I generally start a series and see it through to completion, searching for varieties sometimes adds to headache. What I've done for years is look at each potential addition closely for several minutes more interested in verifying it's genuine. In doing so, and from reading about them, I have found some without actually singling them out. More often than not, my buy price is well below that of the variety, probably because the seller was unaware. Nice examples! Enjoyed it.


Level 6

Nice photos. Another nice addition to your VAM's

It's Mokie

Level 6

Nice Job VAM Man, you always find the most enticing way to describe. Your VAM blogs are like a good Cigar and a goblet of Sherry


Level 5

I find it amazing that the smallest of details are transferred to the planchet by the dies. Nothing is missed!


Level 7

Not my field vams. But i like.reading about them. I get an education everytime Dr. Vam writes perscription. And this one i like. My eyes need to be checked but because pictures are important to a blog i know were to look. I learn about something i own but dont knownabout because of the Vam man. I try to pixk up something everyday. Thanks my friend. Kesp them coming.


Level 6

Lots of information and wonderful photos! You can really see the attributes in your photography. That's cool! You really are our "Vam-Man" Longstrider! Thanks for your research!

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