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05 Mar 2019


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Well today I picked up my latest VAM, a 1923-VAM 1V-EXTRA HAIR. It is another Elite 30. It also is another in my sub-set collection of all the Top 50/Elite 30 Extra Hair varieties. I was able to purchase this directly from another member of Vam World 2.0 for a nice price. Thanks Aussie. I hope I'm not boring everyone with sharing my VAM collection coins. I'm very proud of them.

This VAM features, on the obverse, a vertical die break in Miss Liberty's hair next to the rear of her tiara band. There is also a second vertical die break next to the rear of her hair. This break is almost as wide as it is tall. One must remember that die break show up as raised portions on the coin. Both these breaks are easily seen with just your eyeball. This variety was discovered in 2003 by Larry Briggs.

My specimen was graded a MS 62 and encapsulated by PCGS. They did list the variety on the label but left of the ELITE 30 notation. I may send it in to get a VAMSeal from Variety Slabbing Service noting this. There are a total of ten Extra Hair VAMs just in this date, 1923-P. I have a few so far and am still looking for the rest. I should also note that this coin is just beginning to tone a beautiful gold. It doesn't show up in my pictures.

I won't go into more details about VAMs in general,as I have in earlier posts. Please check out the photos below. You can compare them to some earlier Extra Hair varieties and see they are different. Please feel free to comment. Thanks so much for looking.


VAM WORLD 2.0-------http://ec2-13-58-222-16.us-east-2.compute.amazonaws.com/wiki/Home

SOCIETY OF SILVER DOLLAR COLLECTORS-----http://registry.ssdcvams.com/registry/mbs?14684d25



Level 4

Thanks for sharing!! As a person new to the hobby, I was not aware of this coin's variety. That is what I love about this site; there is so much I can learn.


Level 6

You should be very proud of them! Another beauty with cool attributes! Thanks for sharing it with us.


Level 5

VAMs are an interesting branch of numismatics. If I were to collect them I would probably take a lot of pleasure in the hunt. Anyone can readily find an MS-62 1923 Peace Dollar. VAMs such as this type not so. What I'm trying to say is that there is a lot of fun in the hunt!


Level 6

That is a beauty. I wonder how many VAMs there are in the Peace $1 series?


Level 4

CONGRATS!!!! Very beautiful coin!

Definitely not boring me. So many beautiful varieties and this one is my favorite so far. It is clear and adds to the design. Thanks for sharing this attractive coin.


Level 7

Your on the way . You will get these all I know it, this is beautiful and some V.A.M.S. Are tough. This is a 1923 a good grade a great VA.M. You can't beat this. Congratulations on another beauty. Well done a very interesting blog I like them. Thanks mike.


Level 6

Congratulations. Nice looking coin.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Hey Longstrider, you better come out to Pittsburgh for the National Money Show. I am a friend of the exhibit chair and he would Love to see your VAMs in a case, on the floor. Plus, you get a free beer from me. Think About It!! All kidding aside, you have got yourself another beauty, the lure of the chase never leaves a true collector. Thank You for Sharing this with us.

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