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28 Jul 2019


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The newest Top 50 Peace Dollar in my collection is the 1924 VAM 5A called a Wing Break. Mine is grade an MS 62 by ANACS, In my opinion, this is a very spectacular VAM. It is very apparent, to the naked eye, what is going on. Simply put, it has a large circular die break in the middle of the eagle's wing, on the reverse. 1924 was the last year that the mint put out large numbers of die breaks.

The 5A is thought to be best of the best for this year. The die break is very deep which led to a large amount of displaced metal. Remember, a die break means extra, raised metal on the coin. This break runs down the eagle's back then turns almost horizontally and goes out past the edge of the wing. Where the break makes that turn, there is a large blob of raised metal. There are also some deep file lines above the eagles back. It truly is a spectacular variety, in your hand. My explanations don't do it justice.

The interest level of this VAM is rated as I-4 meaning it is a "Major die variety with universal interest to collectors. The rarity is R-6 meaning very rare or only several hundred in the "wild". All these things serve to make the 1924 VAM 5A one of the most coveted, premier Peace Dollar VAMs.

I hope you enjoyed this short blog and learned something. Please check out the photos below. Feel free to comment. Thanks for reading.


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Level 6

Nice additions to your collection.


Level 5

Great VAM. You are building one heck of a set.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Wonderful VAM Longstrider, your descriptions and pictures make it very enticing to go full VAM search on my Peace Dollars. Thank You for sharing your collection with us.


Level 5

Very nice VAM! ...and very nice pictures to go with it!


Level 6

Your collection is amazing! Before ya know it you'll have a complete set! I really like this one. Great die break on the wing! Love it that you can see it without a loop. Thanks for always a wonderful blog and the best looking photos!


Level 7

That's enough die breaks for a few coins. Your explanation was just fine with the pictures. I hate I have multiple of the 1922 and 1924 and I don't have one. Then again I would need a book. Your doing great on the set. Wait till you finish it. That will be a nice set. It's nice now. Very well done with the information. I like VAMS you can see with your eye. That makes it easy. Thanks allot for a good blog and it would of been hard without pictures that's why there so important. Good luck.

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