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11 Aug 2018


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   I just received my newest auction win in the mail today and would like to share it here. What I was lucky enough to win, at a nice price comparatively, is a 1934-D Peace Dollar. Peace Dollars being my favorite, underappreciated, coin! This particular VAM is listed in the Hot 50. That's a list of Peace Dollar VAMs that are considered by us crazy people that collect them to be very interesting. It complements the TOP 100 Morgan Dollar VAMs. These 2 lists are considered to be advanced since many of the varieties are scarce making them, of course, costly. Some are WAY beyond my pay grade..

   Now, the attributions that make up my 1934-D Peace Dollar a VAM-3. Briefly the coin must have some or all, to some extent, of the following features. On the obverse surface there is doubling of the forehead, eye lid, nose, lips and chin. The motto and date also have some doubling. The rays of Miss Liberty's tiara are doubled to the left and below the "E" in Liberty. The last three rays show the most. The reverse "D" mintmark is filled in. It is important to note that the VAM 3 and much rarer VAM 4 share the same obverse die. My VAM 3 has a rarity of R-4 which means there are greater than or equal to 800 but less than 4000.

   My coin was graded by ANACS, a very common grading company for VAMs, as an AU 53. It has a nice overall grey/blue toning. A lot of people do not like this shade of color. That is probably why I got it at a more reasonable price than some others. I like that toning so it worked out great for me. The main reason I prefer the TOP 50 Peace Dollar VAMs is that most of the attributes are visible with the naked eye or low magnification. Believe me; some VAMs require a microscope to see.

   I hope you enjoyed this blog. Maybe delving into the VAM world is for you. It is a very interesting branch of variety searching and numismatics. Please check out the pictures below and feel free to comment.

   As an aside, I am going to be sending this already slabbed coin into a special VAM service. He will put an additional label on it with its special attributions. I am also going to have him micro photograph it. All that is at a very reasonable price. I'll put it up on a separate blog if it comes back looking good. I never used this service before. Thanks again!!



Variety Slabbing Service (VSS) 


VSS Numismatic Photography


That is a great coin. I do think the greyish toning is a bit strange, though. My grandpa gave us a bag of 131 morgan and peace dollars, but there weren't really any key dates.

A nice win, glad you are happy with your win.


Level 6

Beautiful Vam Longstrider! You really know how to pick em'. ; ) I love it that you can see the attributes without magnification! Thanks for a great blog and photos!

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

I always like the Peace Dollars. Nice coin! I haven’t gotten into VAMS yet, but I’m planning on getting the book.


Level 6

Nice coin. Photos came out great. You certainly appreciate VAMs.


Level 6

I agree with World_Coin_Nut, great pictures and information.

The VAM service mentioned should do well, it sounds kind of like what CAC offers and they are very respected. Personally, I have never gotten into VAMS. Perhaps I don't have the patience, because it requires a lot of searching. VAMS belong on silver dollars though, and I couldn't see searching for them on something small, like dimes.


Level 5

Those are some great pictures. I really appreciate your passion for VAM's.


Level 7

Good blog i actually believe I have this. Your pictures remained me. I know in God we trust and the rays. Great Coin lots of luck with the Vam service. They should do the right thing. Mine Is raw decided not to send it in . It's with the 1937. I don't have the full D. Did you ever notice how many vams comes from there? I enjoyed it very much and it jogged my memory.. That takes alot to do believe me. Thanks for all the info. It's good to rea d a good blog. Mike

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