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14 Apr 2019


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The next blog I have to share is my newest Peace Dollar VAM. It is a nice 1935-S VAM-3 called "Extra Rays". It isn't an Elite 30 or a Top 50. It is just a VAM I really like. This variety was first discovered way back in 1939 by Olav Berghli. It has a normal C reverse die, look it up. The "S" mint mark is the micro type. As a little aside, the host of different "S" mint marks used is very interesting.

As you can probably guess from the name, it has some extra rays on the reverse. There is an added forth ray that lies below what is number one above the eagles wing. Also showing is an extra seventh ray below the eagle's tail. The extra forth ray points directly to the mint mark. It has a rarity of 3 so it is scarce. It also has an interest level of 2 meaning there is some minor interest in it for variety collectors as it is not considered a major die variety.

My coin has not been professionally attributed yet. I plan on sending it in this week for that. There is really no explaining why I found this coin so pleasing. I just did. As we say sometimes, "It talked to me." Well, as it was talking, my wife was listening to it too. She was kind enough to get it as an anniversary gift for me. Thanks Babe. There is one other thing I wanted to say. I should have said this on the last VAM I listed. The VAM numbers do not transfer to other date or mint mark coins. A 1935-S VAM 3 has nothing to do with a 1922 VAM 3. Every mintmark and date has their own unique meaning to their number. I know. It is a bit confusing at first.

So, I hope you enjoy this little blog and the photos. Please feel free to comment. Thanks for looking.


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Level 4

Longstrider, I am a big fan of Peace Dollars, but not so much the Morgan. Oh, don't get me wrong, I collect both, but I really like Anthony de Francisci's version of Liberty much better than George T. Morgan's version. For me, Francisci has captured the beauty of Liberty and has made her feel more real, more stunning, whereas, T. Morgan has made her less real and too masculine for my taste. So, I can understand when you say you bought it because it was "pleasing to you". Thank s for sharing the information on the extra rays and the education about Peace Dollars. I was never familiar with The Comprehensive Catalog and Encyclopedia of Morgan and Peace Dollars by Leroy C. Van Allen and A. George Mallis. until this post forced me to do some research. For those reasons, I thank you! Great post. - Randy

It's Mokie

Level 6

Thanks for sharing Longstrider, I was looking at the VAM sites few days ago, concentrating on the 1923's. Man there are a lot of VAMs for each date and mintmark. You have found a fascinating collecting specialty.


Level 4

Very Nice Coin. Very well written & researched. Thanks for the sourcing! Blessings!


Level 6

Looks like you doing good in adding to your VAM collection.

Great reserach, this VAM is a great addition, and it has some extra meaning becuase it is a gift. A coin to hold throygh the ages.


Level 7

Nice to see a real well written blog. Great history and good research. I must commend you on an excellent job. I will be back to read the other comments. Your English is better than mine!!! I enjoyed it. I have allot of respect for the work you do on Vams. Keep them coming thanks again Pat

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