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17 Oct 2014

1969-D Lincoln Cent Missing Designer's Initials

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Here is a question for everyone. I found this 1969-D Lincoln Memorial Reverse cent while roll searching. As you can see in the photos below, I hope, it is missing the FG initials of Frank Gasparro, the designer of the reverse. In the book Cherrypickers' Guide-fifth edition it is listed as a variety "Missing Designer's Initials". It has a FS-01-1969-D-901 number. The authers maintain that during die polishing the initials were completely polished away.

There seems to be quite a few people that feel this variety is not a variety at all and should not be included in the book. They believe that grease, dirt or something filled the die. What do you think?



Level 7

Good for you! Who ever said the fg was there needs a new seeing eyedog. Mike


Level 4

I just viewed your April 19 post and, well..... whoops ;)

Steven Roach

Level 4

1969 cents with weak designer initials are quite common, due to die Polishing. Either way nice find! Try to get a 1969 S ddo...


Level 4

Could just be me but in picture 2 I think I see the initials clearly while in pictures 3 and 4 I see no sign of them. Otherwise, good find.



Level 5

It's an interesting coin. It would be worth a little more if Uncirculated, but it's still a cool coin.


Level 5

I have 2 of these.


Level 4

Very strange. And, very unique find .


Level 6

That is odd...Cool find!!!


Level 4

That's odd..... awesome!


Level 4

Nice find! Shame it;s so baggy.


Level 6

Yeah, it's got some problems. Makes me happy though. Any find is a good find in roll hunting!


Level 5


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