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14 Sep 2017


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Here is a nice Example of toning of a silver coin.  This is a 1995 Mexican One Onza, more commonly called a Libertad. It is Mexico's answer to our Silver American Eagle. One ounce of .999 pure silver. These are very popular coins that I collect. The 1995 is the last year they were minted in this diameter, 36 mm.. After that they were and are made to 40 mm.. The obverse features the national coat of arms. The reverse shows the Winged Victory Statue and the mountains Ixtaccihuatl and Popocatepetl. These mountains have a very interesting story associated with them and I encourage everyone interested in Mexico and their coinage to research it. Now to the toning. Look at the progression of colors and their shape and you will see a perfect example of how they should appear on a coin. There is a natural pattern and order of colors.  Often, on counterfeit coins, they get the colors and their progression wrong. Very often they are falsely toned to hide imperfections in the fake coin it self. The ANA Summer Seminar has a class on this very topic.. If you enjoy toned coins of any type, you might consider taking it or something like it. Counterfeits are everywhere, even inside slabs! Thanks for looking. As always I look forward to your comments.

Whitman Encyclopedia of Mexican Money  Volume 2 : 1905 to Date- by Don and Lois Bailey 2015



Level 7

I think your right. First you won't have a problem selling it for more than a dollar. So what's the difference then if there is no denomination.. mike


Level 6

Nice toning along the edges!


Level 6

Beautiful coin! The toning is amazing! Fake toning is usually so awful looking.


Level 6

Toning on that coin is lovely. I once saw a Morgan dollar with such artificial toning. The coin was entirely yellow, a dull shade.


Level 7

Great Coin. In like the progression of the toning. You can tell it's real. Can't stand the fake toning I think it's very obvious. Thanks for the blog and picture. Mike.

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