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29 Jan 2017

2009 T- REX

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For your discerning viewing is my new-old specimen of a 2009 Canadian 4 dollar T-Rex. My photos do not do it justice. This is a one ounce silver coin rated at $4 dollars Canadian. Besides the proof-Like finish, the Dinosaur is in an unique aging affect that is unique to each coin. Pretty cool, yes?? The coin is 34 Millimeters in diameter with a metal weight of  15.87 grams of 99.99% silver. It is designed by Kerri Burnett with Her Majesty on the obverse by Susanna Blunt. It has a, I would say, low mintage of 20,000. This particular coin is #13,846. For an kid, no matter how old, I find this a fantastic dinosaur coin. Thank you for looking and commenting on my T-Rex coin! 



Level 4

Very Cool - I forgot about those !

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Love the coin, and for sure that is one terrible lizard. The Queen looks fabulous. The reverse is cool, too. I had heard that T-Rex was reclassified as being an herbivore, and not a carnivore as previously believed. Do you think the image, as it looks to me, is supposed to be a slice of rock with fossilized bones embedded inside? Like you would find along the ocean.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i like the volcano coin better but still nice piece


Level 5

I have started buying and putting away coins with dinosaurs for my grand-daughter. Canada had a nice run of coins that the skeleton would glow in the dark.


Level 7

Another great coin my friend and thanks for the information.


Level 6

That is really cool! Anything dinosaur, especially T-Rex is AAA+++ in my book! Thanks Longstrider!


Level 6

Thanks for sharing with us.

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