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08 Jul 2017

2015 United States Marshals Service 225 Anniversary

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Well I was going through some of our coins the other day, something we all need to do from time to time, and I ran into my Marshals Service 225th Anniversary Silver Dollar.  I hadn't put it up yet. It's from 2015. That's why I need to go through them more often. Anyway I purchased this one direct from the mint. I don't usually buy a lot of modern commemorative but I really liked the design on this one. Besides being a very nice design the coin celebrates the 225th anniversary of the U.S. Marshals Service. The first federal law enforcement agency in the United States. I won't go into everything that is engraved on the coins as I believe one can read them from the photos. The obverse was designed by Richard masters and engraved by Charles Vickers. The reverse was designed by Frank Morris and designed by Joseph Menna. It's made with 90% silver in a proof finish. With a diameter of 38.10 mm and a weight of 26.73 grams it's a nice coin to remember the old west. It has a nice heft and feel good in the hand. It was minted in Philadelphia. There were only 500,000 minted across all options available. Thanks for looking and I look forward to your comments.



Level 5

Honoring a part of history. Nice designs for a change.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

interesting coin


Level 5

That is one of my favorite commemoratives from the last couple of decades. It is one of my few recent purchases from the mint.


Level 7

It's a great coin representative of an important time in our history. Like I said in my message I liked them I can't remember why I was distracted. I know y o u will enjoy them.. I to don't know why they didn't take off. Mike.


Level 5

I didn't buy these coins. I did like the obverse side with the Badge/Star. The reverse got too involved for me. but, as Mike often says "Buy what you like." Also I think actual mintage maybe quite a bit lower. The 500,000 was the maximum allowed I think. Maybe others more knowledgeable the me will tell us.


Level 6

Yes. 500,00 was the total for all !!!!


Level 6

That is one well-designed coin. Too bad it wasn't more popular.

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