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22 Jan 2019


Coins-United States | Longstrider

   Last month, December, I was able to order a coin from the mint that I don't want to collect, had no household limit and no mintage limit. My luck was great. I'm talking about the mints new Innovations coin. I don't want to collect the set but I did want the first one issued. As I understand it, the set will go on for a lot of years. Well it came and I feel it is a very nice coin.

   It's one of those fake gold colored dollars. The obverse features Justin Kunz's rendition of the Statue of Liberty in profile. It was sculpted by Phebe Hemphill. Inscribed is "IN GOD WE TRUST" and "$1". The proof finish is spotless, unlike my photos. Sorry. The reverse was designed by Donna Weaver and sculpted by Renata Gordon. It features the inscribed signature of George Washington and the words "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA". Also inscribed are the words "SIGNED FIRST PATENT". It also has some very nice stylized gears which represent industry and innovation. The coin also has edge lettering with the date and mint mark as well as stars and the required legend "E. PLURIBUS UNUM".

   The coin comes in a nice hard plastic, sealed box with a certificate of Authenticity. There will be a coin issued for each state as well as D.C. and our U.S. territories. As stated on the C.O.A. the first U.S. patent was issued in July 31, 1990 for "Improvement in the making of Potash and Pearl ash". I found that very interesting.

   I hope you enjoy this short blog and can make out something from my photos. Feel free to comment. Thanks for your time.





Level 6

It would be cool to get the first one in this series, but not interested in the whole set. The packaging is pretty nice also! ; )


Level 3

I've never seen one of these! These look pretty cool, and nice post!


Level 4

Reverse is nice. I might get one just as a conversation piece.


Level 6

Collect what you like. This series does not appeal to me.


Level 5

Wish the date was on the obverse. Once you put them in the dansco, you lose track of it.


Level 5

I don't plan on buying these but I like the first design.

It looks like the Nigerian Prince of the US Mint is at it again, distributing his wealth. At $6.95 that gives the Mint about $6.50 profit. I will have to be very, very choosy in the coins I select from the series. I know I do want the Paper Clip, Perforated Toilet Paper on Rolls and Left Handed Scissors. These are three Innovations that have really made my life easier. There are probably a few others. Like Mike said, I doubt that I shall be around to see the end of this series. And I will admit - my comment is a little beyond sarcasm

It's Mokie

Level 6

I think it is a pretty attractive coin myself. I bought the P and D out of mint rolls and am going to buy the Proof at 69 when the price drops, which is already happening. But, I'm like you Longstrider, not going to correct the rest. Well maybe Pennsylvania.


Level 6

I with you about not collecting the new dollar coins, but thought about purchasing the first one, but have not.


Level 7

I remember this coin having trouble with the mint. I remember something missing off the coin. That's on all our coinage. Well it's nice at first look. Is that the Pearl Ash? Well being my age another long dollar set is out. I won't be around for the finish. Thanks for the work and the picture. I like the reverse. Are they all the same? Thanks again Mike


Level 6

I think the Liberty will be on all of them. No that's my bad photography. Thanks for pointing it out. hahah!

I am hoping to get one soon, they came out looking much better than I had hoped

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