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19 Jul 2019


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Today a fellow member informed me of a new congressional bill just introduced. It is the 116th Congress H.R. #3757. This bill would basically mandate the striking of a commemorative issue Peace dollar or Morgan dollar with a date of 2021. Congress will decide which. I have attached the first page of it. There is also an article at Coin World that talks about it. Here is a link to that:
https://www.coinworld.com/news/us-coins ... -city-mint

I have mixed feelings about this and was wondering what other people thought. Thanks.


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U.S. Congress

Coin World



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500,000 is a pretty large number. The Mint is digging deep to attract cash. I’m not sure how I feel about this.. The Mint is turning into something like the Post Office. 🧐


Level 7

How come no one is talking about the new tax bill. There real serious on this one. Every coin sold in this country you and me will have to pay tax on. Dealers sellers buyers Every one will be affected. But let's make to new old coins that you probably will have to pay more than 70.00 dollars for if this law is passed and they say it will. That's my concern. Not something two years away.


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I love the idea! I'm gonna contact my representatives and tell them to support the bill. I think it would be pretty cool if they could incorporate the two designs into one coin. I think, we, as the numismatic community should not allow the milestone year of 2021 go by without recognizing the 100th Anniversary of Peace with the Morgan and Peace Dollars in 1921 for America and our boys in arms. We should try to support the idea. I know I'll be buying a few if they're made.


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I think the idea is pretty cool for Morgan and Peace Dollar's for the 100th Anniversary... But on the other hand here we go again...another Commemorative in the long line of many Commemoratives... I'd probably buy them though... ; ) hahah

hmmm, I personally think it should be Peace, only because in 1921 it was truly during it's series, while the Morgan in 1921 was just a one off year. However, it will probably be the Morgan, as it is generally considered the 'bigger deal' of the two. Anyhow, we shall see

I feel like this coin will be sold out pretty quickly, but I love the idea.

Thanks for sharing!

It's Mokie

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I think they are considering both the Morgan and Peace along with a possible CC to be minted with equipment brought from SF or Denver, in the old CC Mint Building, which now houses the Nevada State Museum. I like the idea, not so much the Morgan, but the Peace, but then I am also a Daniel Carr Honk so no sense of numismatic propriety, apparently.


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I wouldn't say that. He makes some nice coins. I will anger everyone and admit to wanting one of his Peace Dollars with the original reverse.. Sorry all you purists.


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Not sure about this one either. Anything to make a buck I guess.

It's Mokie

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Think of it this way, if they do the Morgan and/or Peace right, how else can you get a Pristine Proof Morgan or Peace for under $70 each.


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I thought they would use the first year. This set is great no doubt. It was stoped started again now again a 1921. I can buy a roll of 1921. I don't know. There is allot coming out of the mint. I also have mixed feelings about this. If it goes well it will be out in 2021. I have time to make up my mind. There is know doubt there will be packaging maybe currency. I have to think about this.I am undecided. Who knows a gold one with the rest of it?. Money. So this bill is honoring one year 1921. That makes no sense then honor every year.

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