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30 Sep 2017


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I was sitting around today reading some older blogs on our site, not too old just not on the first page. I came across a blog written by CoinLady on 22 Sept. entitled "Good, Not About Good". It's a well written blog and I recommend everyone go back and read it. It got me to thinking about this Morgan Dollar I have and I decided to share it with everyone. It is a 1880 Morgan Dollar rated VG-10 and an attribute of VAM -19B. A lot of people wouldn't want such a low grade and common date Morgan. Personally I found it to be Fantastic. Besides being a VAM, I think it looks beautiful. Looking so nice after all these 137 years is a testament to the skill of everyone that helped to mint it. From George T. Morgan all the way down to the person that bagged it. Do you think a coin minted today will look this good in 137 years? I don't. Rich silver color with the dark toning makes one want to hold it and feel the smoothness of it. Even with all the wear and use it received it still boldly shows all its engraving nicely. Miss Liberty, the stars, lettering and date on the obverse along with the wreath, lettering and courageous eagle on the reverse are still bold and easily read. Now as to the VAM 19B. There are several things that should be can be seen on a 19-B but have disappeared with time and use on this particular Morgan. The one attribute that still stands out and can be seen with the naked eye is the spike going through her hair above her forehead. I will leave it to the reader to research the rest of the attributes. Let's call it a little homework. All in all, while not for everybody, I am very happy and proud to own this Morgan Dollar. It has character and has a secret history of ownership and use that only it can tell. I hope you enjoy looking at it. I look forward to your comments.

SOURCE: www.vamworld.com



Level 4

All my coins are MS68...just kidding! I worked as a machinist for many years, working with metal. The finish was as important as the measurements. Quality lasts a long time. Thanks for you article.


Level 6

That's a very nice coin. If it delights you, go for it! And thanks for mentioning my blog.

Daniel M.

Level 3

that Morgan is so cool


Level 6

Nice blog. I would have the low grade coin in my collection.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

very beautiful coin i really like how the main images are boldly displayed by the wear and none of the major lettering is worn. you should be proud of a coin like this. thanks for sharing

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

in fact all the words are well spelled and no wear on any of the words


Level 6

That's a beautiful old Morgan! I love that you can still see the " spike " Vam attribute on her upper forehead after all these years !


Level 7

Very well done I read that blog excellent. And it's always good to go back and read them. Nice pick up. I also enjoyed this one. Didn't know about that Vam. Then again there is alot I don't know about them all. So today I learned something new. Thanks for sharing it. Imagine that twenty three years and still learning. Noting like it. And the picture speak for them selves. Mike.

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