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10 Oct 2017


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Yes, it is possible. Most "O" or New Orleans mint Morgan Dollars are weakly struck. This, among other things, results in a flat chested eagle on the reverse. The breast feathers are almost lacking on some. I think this specimen shows a very well struck Morgan with defined eagle breast feathers. The 1885-O is one of the most common Morgan dollars in mint state. It had a mintage of 9,185,000 although untold millions were melted under the Pittman Act with more during the 1970's when silver prices rose. In 1938 the Treasury released 1,000 coin bags with millions more released between 1962-1964. I was luckly enough to find this specimen while looking for a 1885-O Morgan just for the mintmark to fill a hole in the Dansco album "Silver Dollar Date Set" # 7172. As you can hopefully see in the photos, there is some very nice toning on it. All in all I feel very lucky to find this MS-64 "O" Morgan with toning. A much nicer example than I was hoping for. Relatively cheap too. Thanks for looking. I look forward to your comments.

SOURCED: A Buyers Guide To Silver and Trade Dollars of the United States-by Q. David Bowers
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Level 6

A nice dollar to have in anyone's collection.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

thanks for the info never knew that they were not struck well. and great coin you have thanks for the pic


Level 5

Longstrider that is a beauty. Thanks for sharing and enjoy it.


Level 5

That is a nicely struck Nawlins dollar, Longstrider! And CoinLady is so correct - the 1892-O Morgans are so hard to find with full reverse feathers and hair above the ear on the obverse; same for the 1891-O dollars - I think those two years are the toughest for finding well-struck Morgans from New Orleans, if not the entire series. I saw a nice 1892-O in a PCGS 64 holder once many years ago - I would've snapped it up in a second, if it weren't such an expensive coin in that grade and with a full strike. Thanks for sharing; nice coin! -Sam Gelberd, ANA Numismatic Educator.


Level 6

Another beauty Longstrider! I can see the eagles breast feathers very clearly! Great photo's and toning!


Level 7

I think it's a beauty. Any Morgan with nice toning and uncirculated is great. I don't know why the feathers are the way they are. It's looks well struck your very lucky get a nice coin like this. Good toning good strike and MS. Can't beat that thanks for sharing. Mike.


Level 6

It looks off centered doesn't it?


Level 6

That is a beauty. So true about O Mint Morgans! The 1892-O is hardly ever seen well struck, but I did see one at a show.

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