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30 Aug 2016

ANA Money Show Toned Libertad

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   Here is one of the coins I acquired at the Anaheim Show. It is a 1987 Libertad. Slabbed and rated MS 65 by NGC. As you can see, I hope, it is very colorfully toned. That is a big weakness of mine. The Libertad is a bullion coin, much like our silver American Eagle and Canada's silver Maple Leaf. I started collecting them just because I like them. I usually just buy the BU coins. I saw this one and didn't even stop to ask how much. I just figured it would be out of my budget. My wife however wasn't so sure and inquired as to the price. Well I was very mistaken and snatched it up. This coin was bought on the last hour of our stay there. Never give up on that special coin. Thanks for looking!



Level 2

I really fell in love with the "smooth edged" Libertad when I first started to acquire bullion coins. Beautiful design, front & back. These are great coins! I'm sure it will be difficult to let them go when the time comes. In the mean time, I continue to enjoy them with my daughter.. Cheers to the libertad


Level 7

I do love the coin but Everytime it come out by the time I realize it I'm to late. The mintage is very low I wanted to add that. It's from the oldest mint in the west low mintage they should be valued higher! What do you think?

I don't collect many international coins, but I like the angel, the eagle attacking the snake and the silver content. Enjoy your coin!


Level 5

Like Sun stated every time you look at it you will have great memories. Like Mike always states buy what you like. Looks like a great piece to own. Congratulations.


Level 5

Wow, I don't usually pay much attention to colorfully toned coins but this is a beauty. Congratulations on a nice pick up.


Level 5

The obverse toning on that coin is spectacular! Very nice pick-up. There is nothing like a big show to find the best selection of coins. Now that you're hooked on big shows, you'll probably want to go to more. I know that's what happened to me and after attending the summer show three years in a row, I really missed going to the show this year. Oh well, can't go every year, maybe I'll try for Denver next year. There's also a winter FUN show on my bucket list sometime!

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

That obverse is simply amazing. Thanks for sharing this beautiful coin. Those colors really set off the design nicely.


Level 6

Wow! What a find! The toning is beautiful! Glad you were able to go to the show!


Level 7

Well there you go again buying all the coins we want. It's a beauty enjoy it you and the wife. It has such an eye catching quality. Great choice.


Level 6

Every time you look at this coin, you will remember the Anaheim Show.

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