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25 Aug 2018


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   More than a month ago my wife saw this note on one of our favorite auction sites. Since I love anything about Antarctica, she went ahead and made a fair bid on it and forgot about it. Low and behold we received a winning bid alert from the auction house this Monday. What a surprise. She totally forgot about it. What a great surprise for me.

    Although this is a Fantasy note, Antarctica has no formal government just a bunch of research scientists, I love it. It is printed by the British American Banknote Company for The Antarctica Overseas Exchange office Ltd. This is a private company that uses 80% of its sales to help finance different research projects in Antarctica. The note is in fact redeemable at face value if returned to the comapnay before a stated date. Therefore it is not a Specimen note as some are. Those are clearly marked specimen.

   My note was issued, as stated on the note, November 23, 2007. I had until 12/31/2012 to return it to the company office for refund of one dollar. It features the march of the Emperor Penguins on the front. The back shows the same penguins nesting on their chicks. There is even an anti counterfeiting strip and the unique serial number is inside a hologram. My note has been graded by PMG, as a 67 Superb Gem Unc. EPQ. Other ungraded notes are available from the company. The new ones are even polymer.

   To me this is just a fun, beautiful note from the continent that is the largest desert on earth. I hope you enjoy this fun blog. Please check out the photos. Please feel free to comment. Thanks for looking!









Level 6

I am also fascinated by Antarctica. Someday I'd love to go. I should get 1 of these notes for inspiration!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i would have to say that that is a really cute bank note


Level 5

I have a $5 Antartica note with a seated Britannia and lion on the obverse and a penguin on the reverse. It is one of the coolest notes (no pun intended :-) Thanks for the blog and information on these delightful and interesting notes.


Level 6

What a cool find! Interesting information and great photos! It's really a fun design. I'm going to have to check out the web-site! ; )

Very nice. How does one come across getting that in the first place though. Perhaps Antartica itself. Just joking.

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

That looks like a nice note. I always like interesting paper money.


Level 5

That's cool. (No pun intended even though I am now chuckling at myself) Antarctica has always fascinated me. Part of me would like to visit someday but I hate the cold.


Level 7

I would of liked to take the trip to redeem it. Never saw one probably the only one I will ever see. I love the design. Must of been some long distances between stores. Very interesting blog and the picture are great learned something today. Thanks.

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