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22 Feb 2019


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Today I have something a little different in my blog. As you can see in the photos, it is a cancelled check from The Bank of Bisbee, Bisbee Arizona. The check was written on January 10, 1907. It is made out to A. Salazar in the amount of $ 87.15. The interesting thing is the stamp “MEXICAN SILVER” as payment. It is drawn on the account of the Transvaal Copper  Mining Co.. The chief clerk to sign it is C.O. Bussmann. The penmanship of everyone is remarkably beautiful.

   There are several counter signatures on the back. Also there is a Revenue Stamp that is red and says 2 CENT, the Coat of Arms of Mexico and the word Mexico, the dates 1906 and 1907. There is a rubber stamp from the mining company in Sonora, Mexico cancelling it. Also are two stamps from Banco De Sonora in Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico. As well as Nogales and a few others I can’t clearly make out. There is a big Mexican influence with the mining company. The check is mounted by PCGS Currency and graded as a Very Fine 35, Perforated Cancelled and Ex. John F. Ford Collection.

   Bisbee is a city in the Mule Mountains of Southeast Arizona. In 1877 as part of a scouting party for the U.S. Cavalry looking for renegade Apache, Jack Dunn instead found signs of lead, copper, silver and gold. This led to the first mining claim being filed in that area. It became such a rich discovery that Bisbee became known as “The Queen of the Copper Camps”. Bisbee eventually produced more than 3 million ounces of gold, more than eight billion pounds of copper as well as silver lead and zinc.

   During the time this check, probably mining payment, Bisbee’s population soared to over 20,000 people. Today, about 5,192 people live there. It has become a huge tourist attraction and destination. It has strove and mostly succeeded in keeping its old west town mystique. At the same time it does cater to its tourist and artist trade.

   I hope you enjoy this blog. I found this check very interesting and won it at an on line auction. Please check out the photos. The old black and white photo of the bank was taken in 1940. Feel free to comment. Thanks for your time. Enjoy!!








Level 5

For a short time, I live about 20 miles from Bisbee. I actually went on a tourist trip into the Queen Copper mine. That's a nice piece.


Level 6

What a cool item! So many ares of collecting with Numismatics. I really enjoyed your blog and photos! I'd actually like to go there someday!


Level 4

Nice item with so many interesting attributes. Good eye.


Level 6

Interesting story. I have a friend that collects "counter checks", banks use to have blank checkers on the counter.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Very Nice Longstrider, I have one old check from the late 1800's., maybe I will show it in a future blog. Our Hobby has many branches and they all bear the weight of history and wonder.


Level 6

Interesting. Something a little different. There is more to numismatics than just coins in slabs.

That was a large mine and a lovely cancelled check. And I wish you had more information on the man who got this check.


Level 5

Very interesting story. Thank you for sharing it. There is so much out there.


Level 7

I like it interesting names dates research and history and pictures. This is a blog. Even with pictures. What I like the best you wrote it writing in your words brings so much to a blog like character and proof of coins or in this case currency. Thanks for all that work you put into it. Sharing about money. What a concept. Mike.

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