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18 Jun 2017


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Below is my specimen of, I feel, one of Mexico's most beautiful Bank notes. This would be a 1961 specimen of a 5 Peso note. This note is commonly called the gypsy note. This particular note is  dated 8 November, 1961.. Romania or, Romani, "Gypsies " , or "gitanos",  began showing up in Mexico, in significant numbers, in the mid 19th century. The Obverse or front side of this note shows a beautiful Gypsy woman. The reverse shows the statue  of another beautiful woman that is depicted on the modern Libertad. Thanks for looking. I look forward to your comments. Please note: American Bank Notes Company printed this series!
Sources: Worldbanknotes.com 


Pliny The Elder

Level 5

That is beautiful. I love all the colors too. The history makes it even more beautiful. Might those be coins in the necklace around the lovely gypsy woman's neck?

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

lovely note. i feel that america needs some redesigning on their note to be as beautiful as one like that


Level 4

Very nice 5-Peso Note.


Level 6

Beautiful indeed! I wish our paper money would go back to the old days when it was ornate like this one.


Level 6

Beautiful. World paper money has a lot to offer, many lovely specimens that are not often seen.


Level 7

Very good eye. Excellent note very ornate but not to much. Nice pick up. Mike Enjoy it.


Level 5

This is an example of banknotes being beautiful pieces of art. Thanks for the blog had images.


Level 5

Beautiful note. Has a similar look to our note but is different.


Level 6

I would have to agree with you. It is a nice looking Bank Note.

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