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15 Aug 2020


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Today I would like to discuss one of my new pick-ups, a 1922 Peace Dollar VAM 12A called the “Moustache” die break. If you look at the photos it is easy to see how Miss Liberty received this nickname. Generally speaking the year 1922, of Peace Dollars, is one of the years that produced the greatest number of die varieties we call VAMs. That is all a VAM is really, a list of different die varieties in a given series of coins. We usually are referring to Morgan and Peace dollars but it can be any series. It was first listed by the two gentlemen that it gets its name, Leroy Van Allen and A. George Mallis. That makes up the acronym VAM “Van Allen-Mallis”.

The 1922 VAM 12A is also in the Top 50. This is a list of fifty different date and mint mark Peace Dollar VAMs that are able to be seen with the naked eye. This is also a set I am working on. The die break on Miss Liberty goes from her nose to her upper lip. This break creates a huge lump of metal that is very easy to see, even from a short distance. On some 12A’s there is a crack running from the top of the “G” down across the “O” and into the “D” of “GOD”. All this is one the obverse side of the coin.

On the reverse there is doubling of the eagle’s leg feathers and on the rays below them as well as the rays above and below “ONE”. On Peace Dollar’s it is not that uncommon to find interesting die breaks on both the obverse and the reverse. I should mention that this variety was originally given the designation of VAM 2B and listed as such in the latest VAM Book. It was recently discovered that it’s reverse is actually the late die state of the VAM 12 doubled die. This fact changed them all into VAM 12A. Proof that the VAM world is always changing with new discoveries. Please check out the photos. Feel free to comment. Thanks for looking.




Leroy Van Allen & George Mallis


Roger W. Burdette


Jeff Oxman & Dr. David Close



Level 4

That is a very funny looking coin. Mine sadly isn't a mustache. Great find!


Level 5

That is a funny coin!


Level 5

Hehe, love that! Cheers, NumisMaster

walking liberty

Level 4

I would call it a "snot" die break because it looks more like snot than a mustache.


Level 5

I admire the commitment & sheer drive you must have to undertake collecting something that has so many different Die Varieties or VAMs as you have now taught me. I started collected so late in life that I just have so many coins and types I want that unfortunately I will probably never branch into VAMs. But I sure enjoyed reading and seeing yours. Thanks.

Doug S.

Level 4

Very nice addition to your Peace Dollar collection. Great Photos. Serious mustache!! Congratulations


Level 4

Thats an interesting VAM! Their names are always so creative!


Level 6

Now that's a cool Vam! Great addition to you collection!


Level 5

I never paid much attention to VAM's. I see people searching through Morgans and Peace dollars are shows, and I imagine they are looking for VAM's. If I do get into VAM's, I will purchased ones already found for me, that are slabbed and I find interesting. I don't see myself searching for these, as I suspect most dollar coins have been looked at already. Really interesting area.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I found a wild VAM at the October 2019 PAN show. They are out there and most Dollar collectors don't even pay any attention to them. I now check every Peace Dollar I buy for those slightly less obvious VAMS. Kind of like roll hunting but with a twist.


Level 5

Now that's a cool VAM.

One of my favorite VAMs thus far! You also introduced me to this new slab.

It's Mokie

Level 6

This is one that even I could spot. More booger than mustache but who am I to judge. Thanks Longstrider, that is a spectacular VAM.


Level 7

Sure I have the 1922 slabed raw a few we might say and everything is in place. Between the Morgan's and the peace dollars how many Vams are they?? I know you have most of them. This one looks like there was war and she took on on the nose. At least it's one we can see without a loop of magnafication. Your really educating us on these Vams. I have learned allot thanks to you and your hard work . I know this is not easy. But you have done a wonderful job. Keep it going.


Level 6

Thanks Mike. I'm not even close to having all. I'm happy working on my Top 50 and Elite 30. Counting Morgan dollars, which is what most VAM'ers collect, there are 1000's and more discovered every day. Most people try to find a "Discovery" coin..

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Thanks for teaching us about this, my Peace dollars will get a close up look

Rock Hound

Level 4

Cool and wonderful find the "mustache" is really weird and interesting. Good job on the blog nice photos .

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