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21 Apr 2016

Mercury Dime 2016 Centennial Gold Coin

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   Well, I was able to get through at the US Mint this morning and order the new gold dime. I personally think it's a waste of money but it's a gift. Anyway it didn't go as smooth as the last time. I had trouble with login onto the mints' site. Took a couple of tries. Once there it took 3 tries to sign in. Then 3 tries to pay for it. They lost my saved data, so I had to re-enter it, 2 tries. Then 2 tries to actually place the order. All told about what I expected. Patience is the watch word. After all, it is the US government. Good luck everybody.
P.S.. I just heard the Mint sold out in 45 minutes. I guess it was a good idea afterall. The coin guys on T.V. are already offering them in presale. About $100 more than the Mint. Also graded by NGC. Crazy!!



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These coins are likely to be famous. A trio would be a wonderful set for any collection. However, I must say, nothing beats the original coins!


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I was logged in at 12:00 and effectively removed one step from getting my order in even though it took a couple of tries to get through the check-out. In the end I got one for myself and one for my son's birthday. I feel for all the people that wanted one but didn't get it.


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Congratulations! Whomever you are giving it to will be very pleased. The US Mint keeps stating it has worked out all of the capacity issues and that all things will go smooth now. Apparently not!!!


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Good job and congratulations. I had to work today so I guess I won't be getting one.


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Well you got it done and that's the important thing. You have the coin you want. Good for you enjoy it. I was shocked at 205 dollars I cancelled. I like the coin but I'm on a budget. When I heard the price I said I can imange how much the other two coins will cost. I wrote a blog in another paper along with others. We wanted these these coins. I'm sure there absolutely beautiful. But why not the original silver. And ten per household! There probably gone now it's 1:32 PM est. All the secondary markets bought them up. Your very lucky. They have there employees call the mint and order the maximum. They will go for three to four hundred dollars with there special labels. But for those who want them I hope you get them. We're in it to collect. Not to sell. We want them because we like them. I'm very glad you got yours my friend it's a good pick up. Enjoy it. Let me know when you get it! Mike

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