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02 May 2017


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I recently, 17 April, put up a blog on my Mexican Un Peso Caballito. It received some nice comments with a few people never hearing about this famous coin. So I thought I'd put up a blog on my main reference book about it. This blog is going to be a short one on my feelings about the book. If you want a more detailed review I suggest you go to Amazon. The author is Allan Schein and the entire book is written in English and Spanish. If one is interested in the Caballito coin this is a must have reference book. The illustrations and photos are numerous and very beautiful and clear. It goes over the varieties of the coin with clear examples. One also learns a great deal about the designer Charles Pillet and illustrates some of his other works on coins and medals. It is simply "THE" book on  Belleza Mexicana/Mexican Beauty one should read before you spend your money on a coin to learn what it could be. Thanks for reading!


Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Great advice, 100%. One of the best pieces of advice ever, buy that darn ol' book! Glad you did, and shared it with us. I might buy a copy now too. I LOVE coin books!! Great suggestion!!


Level 6

Beautiful pics. Thanks for the info and your interest. It's nice to see how many numismatists are really absorbed in their specialties.


Level 7

I have all the information from you. When you first presented the coin I could tell by its beauty it was not only rare but very desirable. Thank you for the updated information. Good solid information. Mike

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