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06 Dec 2020


Paper Money-U.S. | Longstrider

Well, I'm sitting here at home wondering when, if, my Wi-Fi will come back up. The same problem occurred all day Saturday. So, I thought I would share this new piece of MPC history I received in the mail yesterday. I have no idea when this will show up on our blog pages so be kind. If you look at the photos below you may see something that you haven't seen before.

This is a special "Aggressor" pass to be used during and after WWII. It was used during training exercises, War Games, for training US forces. This particular pass was created at Fort Riley, Kansas based on what it states on the back. Most likely this pass was created and used some time in the 1950's. The signature of Pietro Mawson, the acting Marshal at the time, is on the back.

There are also general Safe Conduct Passes issued during this time. This Aggressor Pass is considered much rarer. That means I was lucky to see it for sale. I am going to let everyone read the info on the pass for themselves. It details what is covered and what is to be done. If you look closely you can see some of the red adhesive used to secure these unissued passes in a booklet. This is consider a part of MPC collecting and can be grouped with them. I hope you enjoyed this short blog and learned something new. Maybe our Veterans here can comment on the use of these during their enlistments.

Just because I think it's cool, I have decided to add this post card I get from the Marines at the 29 Palm Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center. If you are a Marine you probably have been to 29 Palms or 29 Stumps as I have heard it be called by Marines. They are talking about an area in Johnson Valley, CA. that is an official public use area for off highway vehicles, OHV. It's just a chunk of High Desert that the Powers That Be have decided it's O.K. to go four wheeling and anything else on. Have fun. Now if you are into OHV, 4WD'ing you may have heard of The King Of The Hammers Run. This is an off road race and rock climbing event that draws people and rigs from all over the world. No lie, all over. A number of years ago during the start off all the global terrorism, the US Marines wanted to take over this area as it butts up against some of their existing live fire training areas. The public did not like this. After years, really years, of back and forth this compromise was reached. Every year, on or about this time, the area is closed to the public and the Marines, other US Forces, and their NATO friends stage training exercise there. Just like the kind I have posted a pass for. All us locals get these post cards in the mail. A new picture each year, reminding us of the closure. See, I tied it all together.


Comprehensive Catalog of Military Payment Certificates 4thEdition—Fred Schwan

Twenty Nine Palms Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center



Level 5

Fascinating history lesson and being so young it brings hope of strong future.


Level 6

You have some amazing stuff in your growing Military themed collection! Always love your blogs! I can also relate to Wi-Fi problems... ; )

It's Mokie

Level 6

Fascinating stuff Cuz, you are amassing quite an interesting collection of MPC related ephemera. Thank you for sharing and may 2021 bring consistent and strong WIFI for all of us. (:


Level 7

Well another great blog. Your collection must be growing. Those are passes used by our brave men and women . You don't get better than that. Thanks for your research and history. I love it


Level 5

This is all new to me! Thanks for sharing. Great blog! Cheers, NM

Long Beard

Level 5

Like a few others, first time learning of these. Great. Now something else to add to the hoard. Enjoyed that blog very much, Sir.

It's always nice to see how military actions were done during the 50s and 60s, This isn't the most colorful piece I've seen, but it still has some excellent qualities. thanks for sharing!


Level 5

Thanks for the interesting read!


Level 6

Very interesting blog. I learning more and more about MPC's through your blogs. Thanks.


Level 5

Who knew that all those passes, notices, and assorted stuff would be collectables, we threw em away as soon as we didn't need em. Oh well, I still have one of my radiation meter badges from when I glowed in the dark. Nice blog and safe conduct pass.


Level 5

Thanks for showing us! that's really cool!


Level 5

Very interesting for sure. So these 1950's versions were used for training exercises. Thanks for posting. I like seeing the MPC items. Nice find for sure.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

This is really interesting and I have never seen one before. Thanks so much for showing it to us

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