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09 Dec 2017


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   What seems to be a secret to a great deal of people in our community, is the Newman Numismatic Portal. This is a fabulous online research opportunity offered to all at no charge. The NNP, as it is called, is funded by the Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society and administered by Washington University in St. Louis. Its stated goal is “To provide the most comprehensive numismatic research tool available online.”.
   In the words of the late Eric P. Newman, “I have long wanted to make the literature and images of numismatics, particularly American numismatics, available to everyone on a free and forever basis,” said the 104-year-old Newman. “Today’s digital technologies, combined with the funds recently assembled from auctions of some of our foundation’s holdings, now make this possible.”
   It would be impossible for me to describe everything available for us in this site. The best way is for you to go there and dive in. It has very helpful instruction to get the most out of this dream a great man had and has brought to fruition! Here is all you need to get started:



Level 5

Fantastic site. Always find things you did not know existed.


Level 5

I don't use it nearly as much as I should. Fortunately I do have it bookmarked but for some reason forget to go there when I am doing research.


Level 6

As a writer, I appreciate this site, all it has to offer, all that goes into it. I've checked this out many times & still have more to see.


Level 6

Sounds like a great web-site! I'll have a make a point of going there. Thanks for the information!


Level 7

I have looked at it. What can you say. He was a great man and shared all he knew. It's just to bad that only a few are active on this site Glad you brought this up. Great work. I only hope others read this. I'm sorry but the other day we had one blog. Mike.


Level 6

It is a good website. I recommend people bookmark it.

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