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10 May 2019


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Today I would like to show you the newest addition to my Nikola Tesla numismatic collection. As you can see below in the photos, please check them out, it is a 2013 Serbia issued 100 Dinar banknote, with Tesla’s pictures on it. I have already written a blog on the Tesla silver coins, February 20, 2019, please check it out also. In it I describe many of this genius’ life changing inventions we use today. I will not repeat them here. Instead I will just concentrate on this note.

This note was originally issued May 24, 2013 and is currently still legal tender. Its dimensions are 143 X 68 mm or 5 ¾ X 2 5/8 inches. Along with the denomination, the front shows a portrait of Nikola Tesla, and his magnetic induction calculation formula. The back shows a figure of Nikola Tesla taken from his photograph that now resides in his museum in Belgrade, a drawing of his electromagnetic motor, “Tesla’s Dove”, and a large crest of arms of the Republic of Serbia.

Overall the note is a light to marine blue. This 100 dinar note is backed by the National Bank of Serbia. It is worth about ninety-five cents as of today. There are several security features that the bank is reluctant to discuss. I can see watermarks, embossed serial number, and magnetic strips, much like our currency.

Nikola Tesla, I feel, is one of the top genius scientists of the last hundred years or more. I, as well as his Belgrade Museum, would like to know where the rest of his cases and cases of notes the FBI took at the day of his death, are. This does not help the various conspiracy theories that abound about this great man. Thanks for reading this blog. Please feel free to comment.


National Bank of Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia Nikola Tesla Museum

My Personal Knowledge



Level 4

Cool blog and cool bill!


Level 4

Great blog! I remember your other one as well. Thanks!


Level 6

Interesting note. It is nice to have a topical collection.


Level 6

Beautiful note! Tesla is some kind of "Super Hero" for sure! Amazing man! Great blog Longstrider!


Level 7

A great note and a great and famous man. I did read your other blog and picked up many things. This blog taught me he was also on notes. It wonderful. I enjoyed both blogs on him. A very interesting man. Thanks for doing this blog again we learn . Thanks for your hard work. And your research. I enjoyed both allot.


Level 6

Beautiful Note Longstrider. Thank you for sharing it, and giving us a little insight into Mr. Tesla. I am intrigued and need to reread your earlier blog.


Level 4

Tesla is one of my favorite scientists. I am impressed....

Nice note... Thanks for the bibliography

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