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12 Sep 2022


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I just received my newest bullion coin I want to share with everyone. It is from one of my favorite action movies, "John Wick". In the photos you will see a Continental coin as used in the movie. Now I don't usually buy stuff like this but my coin guy had this coin in the proper gold metal. Now that is how the movie used them. I am not rich enough to buy the gold last week but I found it in silver on line.

The movie is a typical action flick but very well done. Since it is about a contract assassin every business needing payment is done in gold coins. Very cool. They are called Continental coins as the hotel and all the "services" it provides are based out of The Continental Hotel. This is a multinational chain. We don't find this out till movie 2.

My coin is 39mm in diameter and made to a fineness of .999. The obverse features a lion in full stride, side on. There is a shield in the background. Above is the motto "ENS CAUSA SUI" meaning "A Cause Within Itself" and "MMI" for 2001. The reverse shows a blindfolded woman holding a sword and shield in one arm and a bouquet of leaves in the other. Above her is the Latin phrase " EX UNITAE VIRES". This translates into "Out of Unity Comes Strength". Laurel leaves surround this. Below is the Lettering saying "One Oz" Silver" and ".999 Fine".

To me this is a nicely done tribute coin to a movie I enjoy, nothing more than that. I want to say the gold version is amazing. Reminding me of Britannia and Una and the lion. I hope you enjoy this tiny blog and the cool coin. Thanks. Feel free to comment.


John Wick


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Level 7

The Latin translation was a motto of South Africa. It meant union in strength. In 1961 it was revised to Unity is Strength.I just thought it should be translated. It has a powerful meaning! Great blog and coin.


Level 6

Interesting coin.


Level 5

Coins and movies can tell some great tales. The Blacklist and the 1943 copper cent.

It's Mokie

Level 6

that is beautiful, I love the John Wick movies too. They are actually developing a TV series called The Continental. It should be great. Thanks for sharing that piece, I HAVE to get one. https://johnwick.fandom.com/wiki/The_Continental_(series)

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Never saw the movie, but a stunning coin for sure!


Level 4

AWESOME coin & movie! I saw those in silver and gold, and considered purchasing some myself. Thanks Longstrider!


Level 6

Nice coin! I bet it was beautiful in gold! This is a really good movie... Tons of action for sure! The Continental is my kinda hotel... ; )

AC coin$

Level 6

Excellent design. Love the latin inscriptions. Thanks for sharing.

Long Beard

Level 5

Love that film! In fact, I bought the dvd on EBAY this past Thursday and shows it coming tomorrow. Great memorabilia Longstrider!


Level 7

Thanks interesting. I never saw the movie I guess I will now. Thanks for telling me about it. Good looking coin!!

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