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26 May 2023


Coins | Longstrider

So do I have a full on DDR coin here or machine doubling? 1903 Mexican Un Peso Mo AM. A lot of photos but better than not enough. What do you think? Not a test. I'm looking for your opinion. I'm not sure what I have. I think it's a DDR. Thanks.


1944 Steel

Level 3

I think DDR. Not 100% sure

Looks like machine doubling.


Level 6

Wow! Nobody has a numismatic opinion on this coin except Mike and me? Come on members...??? Beautiful Mexican coin! I think this shows full on DDR! Thanks for sharing this one Longstrider! ; )


Level 7

These look like DD on all the the pictures except the machine Double! Testing us early. Those are great coins. Thanks for putting them up!!

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