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01 Mar 2022


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I believe a lot of collectors here are familiar with the Mexican silver Libertad's. If not you might consider checking them out. They are Mexico's answer to our American Silver Liberty bullion coins. I received this one in the mail today and wanted to share it here as it is a bit unique.

Libertads are made in a variety of sizes. They range, lately, from 1/20, 1/10, ¼, ½, 1, 2, 5 ounce, and one kilo of .999 silver. They make gold ones as well but we are talking silver here. Now I collect these babies and am used to seeing very well struck coins in BU or better condition. Some get a very nice toning. Those ones are my favorite. This specimen is unique in a different way.

My coin, a 2003, was picked up in a Mexican Bank in circulated condition. Apparently someone or someone's used this coin to purchase items. It has a listed value of 1 Onza or one ounce silver. I have no idea what they traded this coin at. It was not bought by me but an eBay seller. I never have seen a circulated one before. It is has some surface scratches, a toned spot, and even an edge ding. Amazing to me.

Try to imagine finding an ASE, pure silver coin at the bank probably in with a roll of Ikes. It just doesn't happen. I've never heard of it happening. Maybe you have. I should add that the Libertad One Onza is 40.0mm in diameter, 31.1g, and 3.0mm thick. I hope you enjoyed this little tale of mine. Feel free to comment.


My knowledge


P.S. I should have said that the American SilverEagle, that came out in 1987, was our answer to the Mexican silver Libertad that came out in 1982.



Level 7

Well I'm getting there. Finding my friends blogs are very hard. I found this one. I must be getting near the end. I can't say more about your collecting libertad . You have some excellent coins. Keep them going!

Long Beard

Level 5

Love the Mexico Libertad, a gorgeous design. You would be correct, ASE's aren't going to be found roll hunting.


Level 1

I love the Libertads too! I also like the onzas and old silver pesos.


Level 5

I've heard of people finding 1 oz rounds (including ASEs) in $1000 Eisenhower bags--but that was sometime pre 2018 when getting Ike bags was actually possible.


Level 6

Interesting blog.


Level 5

Great blog and a great piece to add to your collection buddy! Looking at the edge tells me it’s pretty hefty. If I ever run across one I’ll certainly pick it up! Thanks for sharing this information and your coin! Talk to ya soon buddy!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Feliz Libertad! What a great pickup and an interesting story! Any coin with an Angel on it is worth collecting! I am on the hunt for French Angel Francs


Level 5

I have heard of silver Eagles being found cashed in to banks, but I’ve never found one yet. I’ve even heard of a $5 US gold piece being found in a quarter roll! As RobFinsTreasure says, “You won’t find it if you don’t look!”


Level 5

This was a a great blog and I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing the coin and knowlage!


Level 6

What a wonderful blog! A real joy to read. Great subject and photos! I enjoyed it so much! Love those Libertads! ; )

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