Longstrider's Blog

03 Feb 2015

A Little Rant By Me

Coins | Longstrider

Everyone brace yourself as I go on a little rant here. Is it just me or have the third party coin graders like NGC and PCGS gone TOO far on their labels? It seems all it takes is money to get your own private label. Now I'm all for making a buck but I feel this is cheapening our hobby. It just looks bad. I'm not talking about labels that link the coin to giants in our hobby like Eric P. Newman or Col. Green. I'm talking about "private" labels.I admit, I have bought coins with a label I like but I bought it for the coin. The label was just a nice extra. The list of different labels just for the Silver American Eagle is crazy. I'm going to stop here. Just a small rant. and I'm not picking on that Pawn Shop Show. It's just a good example. Maybe I'm just getting old.

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