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14 Mar 2022


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The other day I was at my coin dealer and he had set aside this coin for me. He knows I like error coins so he grabbed this baby for me. What I have here is an off center struck Lincoln Memorial Cent.

10 Sep 2016


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Here is a nice example of a 1922 Lincoln Cent that is missing the "D" Mint Mark. Since all the Lincoln Cents were minted in Denver that year there is no chance it came from some other mint. This specimen is from die pair #2 which means there is no trace of the mintmark and the reverse is struck very strong. Die pairs #1 and #3 have had a "D" mintmark at varying times. They also have "weak" reverses. This particular coin was bought at auction. I was able to get it very reasonable. There were some high end ones that had the crowd hypnotized. I have had this coin some time and want to share it with all today.

19 Apr 2015

ANACS Confirmation of Lincoln Cent No FG FS-901

Coins-United States | Longstrider

This blog is to help clarify one I put up on Oct. 17 called 1969-D Lincoln Cent Missing Designers Initials. I found this coin while roll hunting. It looked, to me, like it didn't have the initials of the designer on the reverse. I took a couple of photos and posted it on the above mentioned date. Some people agreed with me and some didn't. They could see the initials. To settle this dispute once and for all I sent the coin into ANACS for grading and error/variety check. It came back,as you can see, just as I thought, this time. Just goes to show that two people can look at the same thing and see different things! Please check out the old blog and tell me what you see. Thanks!!

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