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10 Nov 2017


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Today I thought I would give everyone a break from Peace and Morgan dollar VAMS. Don't be sad. They will be back! So, the Bushman's Alarm Clock, in this case, is a 2018 Australian Kookaburra. It is nick-named that for it's habit of sounding off, loudly, at dusk and dawn. This Australian silver coin is the Aussie answer to our Silver American Eagle. It has been minted, in Perth, since 1990. Each year features a different vision of the bird. This is one of the things I find attractive about the series. This year the one troy ounce .9999 silver coin features, on the reverse, the kookaburra in flight with it's wings spread wide. It was designed by gifted artist Neil Hollis. The obverse, by Ian Rank-Broadley depicts, as always, a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. My Gem BU coin is 40.60 mm in diameter and a thickness of 3.21 mm. It has a denomination of one dollar Australian. I find this a fun coin to collect. This coin is relatively inexpensive and, as I stated, every year has a different depiction of the kookaburra. You can find it a many domestic coin dealers. It also comes in different weights and finishes. Thanks for your time. I hope you enjoyed this blog and photos. I look forward to your comments!

08 Nov 2017


Exonumia | Longstrider

I would like to share some Libertad knowledge with everyone. First, as most people know, this bullion coin is made by Mexico. I call it bullion as even though it is produced by a country, it caries no monetary value on it's surfaces. The coins listed below are as follows: 1995 one ounce, 2017 1/2 ounce, 2017 1/4 ounce, 2017 1/10 ounce and 2017 1/20 ounce. These, I'm going to call them coins now because it just feels better and right to me, have gone through a lot of changes and varieties in their brief history. The most noticeable one is in the one ounce coins diameter. during 1982 -1995 the diameter was 36 mm. From 1996-2017 the diameter was changed to 40 mm. The obverse and reverse also went through several variety changes. It's important to know that the Obverse is, now, the side with the Mexican coat of arms. The reverse shows the famous statue Winged Victoria which can been found in Mexico City. These coins are also made in 2 ounce, 5 ounce and one kilo size. All minted in 999 silver as well as in 999 gold. I want to keep this blog short in the hopes that members will look up other facts themselves. It is a very interesting coin. I strongly recommend you read about the twin volcanoes behind the statue! It is quite a love story on par with Romeo and Juliet, in my opinion! I hope you enjoy this blog. I realize I put up quite a few blogs on Latin American coins and banknotes. After US money I find them some the most beautiful and affordable world money. I look forward to your comments. As always, thanks for looking.

14 Sep 2017


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Here is a nice Example of toning of a silver coin. This is a 1995 Mexican One Onza, more commonly called a Libertad. It is Mexico's answer to our Silver American Eagle. One ounce of .999 pure silver. These are very popular coins that I collect. The 1995 is the last year they were minted in this diameter, 36 mm.. After that they were and are made to 40 mm.. The obverse features the national coat of arms. The reverse shows the Winged Victory Statue and the mountains Ixtaccihuatl and Popocatepetl. These mountains have a very interesting story associated with them and I encourage everyone interested in Mexico and their coinage to research it. Now to the toning. Look at the progression of colors and their shape and you will see a perfect example of how they should appear on a coin. There is a natural pattern and order of colors. Often, on counterfeit coins, they get the colors and their progression wrong. Very often they are falsely toned to hide imperfections in the fake coin it self. The ANA Summer Seminar has a class on this very topic.. If you enjoy toned coins of any type, you might consider taking it or something like it. Counterfeits are everywhere, even inside slabs! Thanks for looking. As always I look forward to your comments.

29 Jan 2017

2009 T- REX

Coins - World | Longstrider

For your discerning viewing is my new-old specimen of a 2009 Canadian 4 dollar T-Rex. My photos do not do it justice. This is a one ounce silver coin rated at $4 dollars Canadian. Besides the proof-Like finish, the Dinosaur is in an unique aging affect that is unique to each coin. Pretty cool, yes?? The coin is 34 Millimeters in diameter with a metal weight of 15.87 grams of 99.99% silver. It is designed by Kerri Burnett with Her Majesty on the obverse by Susanna Blunt. It has a, I would say, low mintage of 20,000. This particular coin is #13,846. For an kid, no matter how old, I find this a fantastic dinosaur coin. Thank you for looking and commenting on my T-Rex coin!

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