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10 Mar 2017


Coins-World | Longstrider

A while back I saw a coin on a not so well known auction site that is on line. I've been looking at their lots from past auctions and was quite impressed with the quality and price range of them. This company, sort of, specializes in ancient and world coins. I don't know a lot about world coins but I have always admired the Soverign. I find it a beautifully artistic design. As a reptile lover, I am quite fond of the dragon on the reverse, even though he is having a bad day. This particular Soveriegn was minted in 1927 in Pretoria, South Africa. The site described the coin as uncirculated. It looked good, even though it has some light scratches? in the fields. I did my due research and put down a bid. I felt it would grade out as a low MS. not bad.

29 Jan 2015

First Coin Graded and Slabbed

Coins | Longstrider

This is the very first coin I bought with the intention of sending it in to NGC and having it graded and slabbed. That was an agonizing period of time waiting for it to come back and see what it did. I thought it was about an AU but honestly was hoping for anything other than cleaned or scratched or any kind of damaged grade. Very happy when it came back about what I was hoping for! It really made me feel relieved. I think I'll stick to coins already slabbed for a while.

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